UNITED STATES—What has this country come to? It seems like everyone and their mother has a podcast nowadays. I don’t know what it is, but 5 years ago that was not the case, but when the pandemic hit, people had nothing to do and guess what, everyone crafted a podcast where they utilize a unique spin on a name to make their podcast stand out from everyone else. Here is the thing about a podcast, it is not that different, it is simply people talking.

Podcasts nowadays is nothing more than Americans just talking and sharing their stance on certain issues. It is an opportunity to share an opinion thru a microphone. It is no different than what you see on the countless talk and morning shows we see on TV. The difference is everyone is behind a microphone or a computer. Are there some podcasts out there that happen to be unique? To a degree, but not to a point that makes me say, OMG let me fork over money to listen to someone spill a secret or talk about an issue as if they have game changing information that is going to change my life.

That is what you get with some podcasts, people talking about what you want to hear. That is the problem we are all geared to listening solely to what we want to hear, which is exactly what the podcast world of America has given to so many Americans. For advertisers, it is the crop of gold as they utilize the radio to push products or services. I feel like it is only beneficial when you’re dealing with those podcasts where you can actually see people talking and the advertisers can promote visuals for their products. Whether that actually helps when it comes to selling a product I cannot give you a definitive answer because I don’t know.

However, Americans are cashing in on the podcast craze with some of the podcast doing national tours where people pay to listen to people talk live. That is the stupidest thing in the country in my opinion; it is simply a cash grab people. You’re getting the same content you get by hearing them thru your ear buds, on your computer, your phone, your tablet or your radio. If you want to pay hundreds of dollars to see a semi-celebrity in person, to each is their own. The world of influencer and podcaster has made so many people think and coin themselves as celebrities and they’re not celebrities, as someone once pointed out something I realized has changed.

The term ‘celebrity’ is no longer the same. If your name is somewhat popular you are deemed a celebrity versus those who have built up their brand and have some level of impact in this country. The podcast has given people an opportunity to garner their 15 minutes of fame and so many people capitalize on it as a result. You see reality TV stars really pushing podcasts more than anything. Just look at all the damn people on Bravo that have their own podcasts and tout themselves as being more famous than what they actually are.

I’m on TV, love me, look at me, I’m a star. Are you? Are you really or are you just soaking up your 15 minutes of fame until the next best thing comes along because that happens. That is the price of fame and how it has always been in Hollywood since the dawn of time. You age, you get older the work dries up and at some point you fade into the background as someone else garners the spotlight. No one stays in the spotlight forever, so you might as well soak it up while you can because when the lights go up, rarely do they shine on you again.

Written By Jason Jones