MINNEAPOLIS, MN—On Tuesday, May 26, Brian Mundon shared a post on Facebook claiming that Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) officer who allegedly caused the death of George Floyd, is married to the sister of Tou Thao, another officer involved in the killing.

Source: Facebook

Floyd died on Monday, May 25 after Chauvin kneeled on his neck for over 7 minutes to hold him down because he was “resisting arrest.” The victim was a suspect in a “forgery in progress” report to the MPD.

While Chauvin pressed his knee onto Floyd’s neck, fellow officers Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng held the victim-suspect down. Thao interacted with bystanders, who repeatedly begged the officers to help Floyd. All four MPD officers were terminated on Tuesday.

According to Mundon, Chauvin and Thao are brothers-in-law. Chauvin’s wife – and if Mundon is correct, Thao’s sister – Kellie was crowned 2018’s Mrs. Minnesota America. She was the first woman of Hmong descent to win the title.

Her ancestry corroborates Mundon’s statement, as the Conan Daily reports that Thao is also of Hmong descent. Mrs. Chauvin was born in Laos in 1974, and moved to Thailand before relocating to Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1980. 

On the contrary, a Whitepages profile which might be hers does not support the idea of Chauvin and Thao being relatives. The profile states that she supposedly goes by either “Kelli May Chauvin” or “Kellie May Xiong.” She is related to a “Derek Michael Chauvin,” an exact match to her husband’s name, and Eau Claire is also listed as a past address. However, she is related to a “Tong Va Thao V,” not a “Tou Thao.”

Her parents had her married off before she turned 18 to someone she apparently barely knew. During the course of the relationship (which Mrs. Chauvin says was abusive), she bore two children. She chose to get a divorce and move to Minnesota – her former husband died soon after.

It was in Minnesota that Mrs. Chauvin met Derek, and the couple have now been married for around 10 years.

Her Facebook profile – listed under Kellie Chauvin – says that “real estate and photography is my passion, so let me make you look good.” She was listed as self-employed and as a real estate agent at RE/MAX Results. The account has either been deactivated or deleted.

Source: Facebook

The existence of any relationship between Chauvin and Thao has yet to be confirmed.