UNITED STATES—In a relationship, the prominent role is played by Loyalty and Trust in each other. These things are the base of a relationship, and if it gets somehow disturbed by any means, it weakens the relationship. 

As the relationship goes on, there are chances of mood swings. In some relationships, it has been noticed that the spouse’s behavior is slightly changed with time, or they start to ignore you and stop paying attention to you. 

They start avoiding your calls, responding to your messages, refuse to spend time with you, start maintaining distance, etc. These reasons are enough to suspect your partner.

What is the first idea?

The person who is being ignored starts suspecting his/her partner. And the first thought that comes into the mind is to check their phone conversation. Now the question emerges, how to monitor a cheating partner phone conversation, and is it legal? Also, if a person wants to collect evidence to file for divorce, can he/she go for collecting the information?

Is it illegal to monitor your spouse’s phone?

The important thing that matters the most is how the information is collected? That means if you try to find evidence by monitoring their mobile phones, then it comes under the violation of the right to privacy because the phone contains lots of personal information, passwords, emails, and many more.

Hence, it is better to avoid those actions that violate the right to privacy given as the following:-

1.    Hacking and extraction of personal information

Hacking passwords and protected accounts, interference in the computers or phone that is not owned by the spouse, and tracking cordless telephone calls between the spouse and different parties are illegal.

2.    Installation of spy software

If you are thinking of installing any spy software on your spouse’s device, it is illegal. As it tracks and records phone calls and text messages without letting them know.

3.    Installing spy cameras

Installing these cameras without someone’s knowledge in an expected private place to record their behavior and actions is considered an offense.

 How to monitor legally?

Spying is certainly illegal, but if someone wants to collect evidence to file for divorce, they can go for it. If you want to install spy software on the phone, first get a certificate about the genuineness of the software from the makers. After attaching it with the evidence, it becomes admissible.

Other legal means for spying 

  • Placing a GPS tracker on your vehicle that is also used by your spouse.
  • Use publicly available information like on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You can obtain his/her visiting history in hotels, offices, etc.


Several reasons make you suspect or doubt your partner. Their behavior change is the most important thing to notice whether they are still committed to you or not. You can trace their phone calls and messages or can track their last visits.

But spying is an illegal practice, and if you want to collect evidence for your case, these activities may bring you in trouble. These actions come under violation of the right to privacy. So before spying on your spouse, make sure the way you choose is legal.