HOLLYWOOD—Well that was a quick resolution if it’s accurate America. I thought the writers of “The Bold and the Beautiful” might drag out the notion of who shot Bill Spencer a bit longer. I mean the list of suspects is uncanny, but I poked at this idea a few weeks back (do you remember)? I listed my top three suspects as being Liam, Quinn or Sheila, and with the walls closing in on Quinn, the audience got some flashbacks and some evidence that totally pointed the finger directly at Liam Spencer, as the culprit who put a bullet into the great Bill Spencer.

Now some people were not happy with the twist, but I have to admit I actually like it, and it adds another layer to a character who could do no wrong in the eyes of many, start to crossover to the dark side. I mean Liam has ALWAYS seen the good in most people, even Quinn Fuller. So to see a betrayal led him to shoot his own father in the back speaks wonders. I made it very clear that someone was watching Bill and Steffy the night he decided to get on his knees and propose to her. People thought I was crazy, but wink, I was right! Liam saw it all and it was that moment that obviously sent him over-the-top, choosing to shoot his father in the back while wearing sheepskin gloves.

Liam confessed the news to Hope who didn’t want to believe one word of it, however, the more Liam chatted the more Hope came to the realization that Liam might have done it because his timeline has plenty of validity. Liam torn about what he did wanted to contact the authorities, but Hope was not having any of it, which prompted Liam to confront his father and spill the tea. Yeah, Dollar Bill was at a loss for words thinking that his eldest son put a bullet in him. However, can you blame Liam for doing it? I mean Bill has been downright dastardly evil to his son, sleeping with his wife is unforgiveable to say the least.

Here’s the problem: I think this is fake news and the real shooter is still on the loose. It just seems way too easy for the writers, and while I love the twist, to have Detective Sanchez so enamored with the case and questioning so many suspects just isn’t adding up in my opinion. For starters, we finally saw some heat put on Quinn, who Ridge happened to spot at Bill’s home the night he was shot. Eric delivered her an alibi, but Sanchez seems to expect something off. Brooke has been working overtime to ensure Sanchez look at other suspects because she doesn’t like her hubby behind bars. Steffy has tried to be by her father’s side, as well as Thorne, who already has thoughts of taking over the company in the midst of his brother’s absence.

Sally has been MIA, as well as Caroline and Sheila Carter. These are all women who could be culpable in Bill’s shooting. The same sentiment can be echoed for Wyatt and Justin. Yes, Wyatt had a drunken night, but do I think he shot his father: no! But I expect he may have witnessed who the shooter was, but can’t seem to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. Then we have Justin who has literally cozied up to his new spot as the head of Spencer Publications. Would I have ever expected Justin to shoot his BFF? No. However, it seems after standing by someone’s side for so long, has given Justin the power to finally make a move he should have made such a long time ago.

Bill was livid with Liam’s admission, he was certain his son was lying, but when Liam shared the entire recollection of events Bill seemed he wanted blood more now than ever before. I was enthralled with the war of words between Hope and Bill; it showed a bit of fire in Hope that really hasn’t been seen in the character before. Well, I’d argue that Bill and Liam are even. I mean with the back and forth between Spectra Fashions, the takeover of Spencer Publications, nearly killing Liam in an explosion, Bill sleeping with Steffy and culminating with Liam shooting his father. Well, look at this, Bill did the honorable thing and protected his son by admitting to Detective Sanchez that he didn’t actually see Ridge shoot him.

However, the mystery is long from over because I sense a blackmail coming America. Bill could use this secret to his advantage to reconnect with Steffy, especially considering Hope and Liam shared that steamy kiss this week. Making the situation even worse is the revelation that Justin knows Liam shot Bill and that is dangerous information for Liam and Bill to have lurking. Dare I say this, I see a murder coming just in time for May sweeps, the question is who will bid adieu on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”