HOLLYWOOD—Well, fans of the A&E series “Bates Motel” have been eagerly waiting for years to see when that climatic moment involving Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) committing that single deed where he would murder his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga). Well the wait might be over? Why? Well in Monday’s episode, Norman initiated his master plan to teach his mother a lesson, but little did he expect such grand consequences for his actions.

The episode, which kicked off with Norman still in an uproar about his mother’s actions to have him locked away at a mental facility in her quest to help him get better. I was reeling when I discovered that Norman was going to be released. It was evident he had sinister plans in place for Norma and Sheriff Alex Romero, his dear ole stepdad. I seriously was certain that Norman was going to attack Romero with that ax in last week’s episode. Norma is in complete denial about Norman and Romero’s relationship. He is jealous, and a jealous Norman is a dangerous Norman.

During a therapy session, Norman made it very clear how he feels about his stepdad and his outbursts should have been a sign for the therapist to consider locking Norman up yet again, but this time throwing away the key and NEVER giving it back, but that didn’t happen. Now, I always expected that Norman would murder Dylan before he murdered his mother. While questions are still in the air rather Norma is truly dead or not (we can further dissect that later), the season finale next week is certain to add another body or two to Norman’s serial killer status.

Romero and Dylan have a tense conversation about going behind Norma’s back to have Norman committed; smart idea, but only if they could make it happen before Norman strikes yet again. The one thing that is so riveting about “Bates Motel” is the factoid that Norma knows with a capital ‘K’ how dangerous her son Norman is, but she continues to bypass his violent outbursts and crazed antics.

It’s like the writings are on the wall for this woman, but she refuses to see that her son needs serious help, he has murdered before and hasn’t been found guilty of doing it, but all the evidence is there. I mean he killed Emma’s mom and the missing earring and the fact that she left a note with Norman to never be seen again should have been dead ringers for her.

With Romero taking care of his own antics, Norma decides to break-off things after learning from Dylan that they planned to have Norman committed for everyone’s safety. She wrote him a heartfelt goodbye letter, which worked perfectly with Norman’s plan to take out his mother. So how did he commit the deed? He utilized the furnace and shut off the vents to every room in the house except Norma’s. He then creepily laid in bed next to his mother as he stared at her. Yes, anytime a grown boy is sleeping or even LYING in bed with his mother that is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

So in essence, Norman planned a murder-suicide, but he didn’t expect Romero to return back to the house, as he frantically broke windows and opened windows to air out the carbon monoxide. He worked feverishly to resuscitate Norma to no avail, just as Norman proved to be very much alive. It was heartbreaking to watch, just as it became very clear from the first episode that Norma and Alex Romero would be linked in a beautiful love story.

My gut is telling me that Norma is dead, but maybe, just maybe, the writers, might have something bigger in play for Farmiga who has made this series a must-see each week. I mean Highmore is proving that he should land that much alluded Emmy nomination for his work this season. The way his character embodies his Norma isms is just frighteningly good. Next week’s season four finale looks like Norman might face the wrath of Romero, but Romero may want to be careful because we all know how this tale ends, if not take a look at “Psycho.”