UNITED STATES—There are many factors in maintaining good health. What you eat, how much water you drink, getting the proper amount of sleep, heredity, stress, proper exercise, age, vaccinations, etc. It is all these things combined together that make a person healthy and fit. Some of these factors can be controlled by you.

Being conscious of what you eat will make a big difference in being fit and staying healthy. We contend that eating healthy foods in proper portions will give you a slim body and keep you there forever. Further, it is our belief that with proper eating habits you will have a stronger immune system. Proper diet will possibly help you in avoiding many types of illness and it will at least assist your body in recovering faster if you do get sick.

The Baby Food Diet” (BFD) also known as the Best Forever Diet is a book that outlines a simple meal replacement model for losing weight and keeping it off forever. It is a diet that has been designed for adults not babies. Basically, the diet is about creating portion control by substituting two meals each day with already packaged food and enjoying one normal meal. The normal meal is as if you were not on a diet, as it has no restrictions, but some amount of portion control is recommended. This diet is not only a short-term solution to weight management but also a long-term approach to keeping the weight off forever.

People who follow The Baby Food Diet (for adults) end up with a better life. They get slim quickly and keep the weight off forever. Dieters will develop a new and wonderful mental attitude. Their social life will improve, and they will find themselves smiling all the time.

The Baby Food Diet is the best weight management solution in the world. It is guaranteed to produce positive results. The official replacement meals are sold under the brands of “GLOW” and “iConCur” and they are superfoods. These replacement meals are actually miracle nourishment. They taste great, they are filling, they are easy to carry, they are full of vitamins and they make you “GLOW”. The diet with minor modifications fits the lifestyle of vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. The dieter still consumes one normal meal each day (best to reduce the portion of that meal but not required). The “Baby Food Diet” is a type of continual intermittent fasting.

For many reasons the world is becoming ultra-health conscious. In China for example, the number of people who are suffering from type two (2) diabetes is twelve- and one-half percent (12.5%). In 1980, only one percent (1%) of Chinese suffered from Type two (2) diabetes. The reason is simple, there is a direct correlation of type two (2) diabetes and being overweight. This increase in diabetes means that there will be huge future health costs that the country of China will incur as people age. This is not just a China problem but a worldwide issue.

The Baby Food Diet will also strengthen a person’s immune system. The entire world is running scared and living in fear due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The fact is that people who have stronger immune systems are better protected from all illness, including the Coronavirus. Even if you do get sick with a stronger immune system, you will recover faster.

People are washing their hands more than ever, they are wearing masks, and while this is a good step, it is not enough. Even when a vaccination is found the best step to great health is to change your diet and strengthen your immune system. The Baby Food Diet and the official products will give your immune system the boost that it needs to help in keeping you healthy.

At the start, the diet was only focused on helping people with weight management, assisting people with getting slim and keeping them there. As time progressed, it was decided the focus of “The Baby Food Diet” was to narrow and it should offer more than just being slim. The authors of the book began to also focus on additional benefits that the diet could offer its followers. In the book “The Baby Food Diet” there are many pages devoted to the mental part of life and the importance of balance. The Diet can help you defeat depression and it will certainly give the follower more confidence which results in a higher self-esteem.

As already mentioned, the diet is a way to boast a person’s immune system. It is common knowledge that healthy eating and lifestyle build a stronger immune system. When you eat and live a healthy lifestyle you can let the food be your medicine. The Baby Food Diet will not eliminate a person from being sick, but it will decrease the chance of becoming ill.

The Baby Food Diet gives you the gift of a strong immune system. Healthy protein and microbiome help in creating the immune system that fights disease and keeps you young. The diet will help your body naturally rid itself of toxin and make you look and feel younger. You will “GLOW” and people will constantly comment how much younger you appear. Our R&D team which includes several top world scientists are turning normal baby food and protein rich drinks into superfoods that strengthen the immune system of the person following “The Baby Food Diet”.

Western diets do not work in China as mealtimes are so important. The fact is the western approach to dieting interferes with 5000 years of social culture. Diets are becoming more popular and common in China. However, the problem is almost all of the diets in China are too rigid and interfere with Chinese traditions surrounding meals. The fact is that in China western diets disrupt the ecosystem of mealtimes.

Meals are a glue that binds business deals and other parts of everyday life. With the advent of globalization, meals have become even more important than ever in China. For example, the finalizing of a business deal, is normally not done in the office, but instead at the dinner table. Mealtime is a way to size up people, build trust and become friends. Respect and honor are an important part of Chinese culture and nowhere is this more evident that over a meal. The Baby Food Diet is the answer, as it still allows one normal meal each day. For family’s meals are a time to share and unite.

To change anything there is a simple rule: “We become what we are committed to being”. For any diet to work you first commit, which must be followed by forming a new habit and daily routine. For most people developing a new habit takes approximately six (6) weeks of doing the same thing every day. In other words, what you commit to and stay with is what you become. Support groups, social media, videos, one and one challenges, journals and written goals can all help you in staying with it for the required six (6) weeks. After the six (6) weeks it becomes natural and easy to stay on “The Baby Food Diet” forever.

One of the two replacement meals is similar to baby food as it is pureed organic vegetables and fruit. The diet is the essence of the organic trend we are seeing on a global basis. The biggest surprise is that pureed foods actually taste delicious. Of course, the digestive system of a baby is so gentle that actual baby food is very pure and easy to digest. The dieter can actually eat real baby food, the kind that is found in stores. It is best to buy the baby food that comes in pouches with spouts when following the diet, as they are easy to consume.

The products that are the official brands of “The Baby Food Diet book” BFD” are your best choice, as they are superfoods. Two of the endorsed brands are: “iConcur” and “GLOW” (Guaranteed Loss Of Weight) which are superfoods that have added nutrients, probiotics and more. You will experience a healthy “GLOW” when enjoying the foods that are the official brand of “The Baby Food Diet”.

The premium upscale product of these BFD brands will be made using high end specialty formulas. There will be the “Travel Formula” that kicks the immune system to a higher level. Actually, all of the products of the diet will be aimed at giving you a stronger immune system, but the travel formula will be even more powerful. There will be the “Calming Formula” to help those under stress. There will be the “Workout Formula” that gives you extra electrolytes. The basic formula’s will have added supplements, nutrients, probiotics etc. that help your body be stronger and less susceptible to disease. Our branded foods offer significantly more nutrition than what can be bought at the store and are can be classified as superfoods.

The second meal replacement is a powder to make a protein rich drink. Again, recipes are created to enhance the protein over what is now bought in the store. In addition, a unique concept of using a plant-based wrapper (patented) that dissolves in a water creates a light weight easy to carry replacement meal. Just drop the pouch in a water bottle, shake it and drink. Best of all the unique packaging solves the mess problem of using a scoop to put protein a glass, as it is in a self-contained package that dissolves in the water bottle.

BFD products will be sold using a new business model for direct sales, designed just for China. This sales model does have a history of success. Long ago the model was used in the USA. However, it is no longer a viable alternative in America due to minimum wage laws. In China, there are no minimum wage laws so paying commission only is legal.

We believe that within three months our salespeople can triple their current salary. We are recruiting 250,000 direct salespeople. It is important to note that this is not MLM but instead direct sales inside of stores with dedicated knowledgeable and trained salespeople. Like the insurance salesperson we pay recurring commissions to our team.

It is important to buy and read the book “The Baby Food Diet”. Please follow the link of this article to purchase the book. The book is bilingual printed in both English and Chinese. The book is critical in understanding the diet and creating a credibility chain for the products. In the future the book will be published in Russian, Hindi, French, Spanish, German and other languages. In foreign markets a local partner for BFD and GLOW will be sought out.

We put a commissioned salesperson in various stores throughout China. We have several very large chains of stores totaling almost 250,000 where the products will be sold by our trained salespeople. Instead of rent, we pay the store and our salesperson an ongoing commission. Like a life insurance salesperson both the store and our salesperson are paid a perpetual recurring income. Commissions are paid at the time of the initial sale and on each reorder.

This direct salesperson is important as people on a diet need to constantly be pushed to stay on the diet with a minimum of straying. The salesperson will be trained to follow up weekly with each dieter increasing the chances of reorders. This type support person is required so that the dieter stays with the program and gets results. The salesperson is the dieter’s coach along with online support. In addition, we are building significant online support for our dieters. Each dieter will be encouraged to record testimonials and post these.

For the store and salesperson this model creates perpetual income. The motivation for the salesperson to be as success is common sense. How long will it take to match their current income? How long will it take to double their income, etc. We estimate that within three to four months, with proper training the salesperson will at least be able to triple their current income.

All sales training will be done by the internet, salespeople will both watch already produced videos along with live question and answer presentations. Daily new video’s and support will be available for the followers of the diet. A downline of live support which will be available to answer questions. We believe in what we are doing, and our goal is to build a healthier world population. We are building the world’s largest meal replacement and diet company.

This direct sales model is very effective, and the income grows quickly which is recurring on a daily basis. With one thousand (1000) customers both the store and the salesperson will be earning one thousand (1000) USD each and every day or 30,000 a month USD. Remember this is not one-time income but instead it is ongoing residual income.

The store will not have to stock the BFD/GLOW products. Instead we will use a third-party home delivery service. The same is true of the backend aspects of accounting, payments and other parts of the business. China has very sophisticated third-party systems for delivery, payments and other things that we require.

We have already addressed why this is so attractive for our commissioned direct salespeople, lets now talk about the stores. This is basically free money for the store as they will not be required to stock items and will not be responsible for paying the salesperson. The space of the salesperson is small, only a desk. The numbers are gigantic. In a short time, the store may be earning more money from this model than the entire rest of the store’s income.  For the store this is a higher and better use of the real estate as our salesperson takes up almost no space. There will be sophisticated reporting, so the store is kept up to date on their income.

People in the investment business always talk of five-year future earnings. It sounds crazy but in sixty (60) months our company can be earning over one to ten million USD profit on a daily basis. This sounds farfetched but it is not. Our model for BFD sales is so beautiful, that it is magical. A combination of high tech and in person direct sales will create this type of win. It has always been the dream of the books author to help people have a better life and to get rich at the same time. To care about people and give everybody a better life.

In China, the old fashion rah-rah hold meetings model that are used in MLM are frowned upon and not actually legal. We will not ever have such meetings as our products actually work and the results of our followers will speak for themselves. In addition, we are tech people and will use technology as our messenger. For example, we will constantly speak at conferences and broadcast those via social media. We will also post daily video steaming/ success stories daily and many other ways to support the questions and concerns of our dieters.

We will “never” use known paid celebrities to endorse our products. Of course, we welcome such peoples support but they will not be paid. What has been discovered recently is that home grown celebrities are incredibly more powerful than already know influencers, such as famous actors. This model cuts costs dramatically as we will make many individuals our homegrown inhouse celebrities (similar to “Tik Tok”). We will encourage these homegrown influencers to also become salespeople to earn extra money. However, unlike MLM there is no downline or referral fees.

In summary, we have a guaranteed way to lose weight fast and keep it off forever. Our diet will improve a person’s mental and physical health. Our diet will decrease the chance of developing type two (2) diabetes. Our diet will reduce the number of sick days a person will experience. Our diet is easy to follow, and the replacement meals are easy to carry and simple to consume.

We have a sales model that is dynamic and scalable. Our business model creates perpetual income for our salesforce. We are using top world renown scientists for our formulations. Our packaging will be attractive but simple. We will make it fun to diet and our approach will create celebrities among our dieters. We will use old school techniques and modern technology at all levels. We will use third parties to ensure efficiency and add accountabilities. Within thirty-six (36) months the BFD brand “GLOW” will be the number one diet brand in the world.

Buy the book today, start the diet, join our sales team. We are here with the aim of giving the world a powerful healthy life which is defined by being becoming a better person. We care about earning money, as that is the only way to stay in business. However, we care even more about our followers. We want to give people the gift of getting slim, staying healthy and being happy. Better physical health, better mental health and a greater appreciation of the life they live. Buy the book, read the book, follow the plan and you are promised a new and better life john@bfdiet.com, info@bfdiet.com.

Written By John Probandt