UNITED STATES—Jeez, it seems 2024 just started and I feel like it is going to be a horrible year when it comes to the political scope. Look, I am just going to say it, I hate politics. It just seems to fuel so much wicked energy, anger, hate and so much more has already started. I mean politicians are just nasty against one another, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent.

The ads are already starting to air on TV and the mudslinging has begun. You see way more negative ads than you see positive ads. I mean let’s be honest, that is indeed the truth in politics; make the other person look bad, while presenting themselves in a positive light. The big problem with those ads is not all are factually accurate and a lot of Americans or voters, however, you decide to coin them don’t do the research. If you’re voting on a candidate based on political ads, do what I heard a political expert once say, “Don’t even vote.”

That is bad to say, but the reality of the situation is we may see a ton of people who are eligible to vote, NOT vote in 2024 because they feel the candidates available to them are not worthy of them voting. I have honestly heard this from so many people I have talked with. They don’t want to see a Donald Trump and Joe Biden rematch.

Both men are old as hell, both have a mass of controversy surrounding them and many people see either candidate as bad for the country. People want a third option, a fourth, hell a fifth, but even then the options presented still are not great. If you’re upset about the candidates, that is nothing compared to the political parties. Jeez, the fact that you have to pick a political side in politics is the problem with the United States. It is just so nasty. People feel this need to refuse to engage in even a conversation with someone of the opposing party.

Are you serious? Yes, I am serious, I know people who refuse to chat with Democrats and Republicans because they feel they cannot find any common ground. That baffles me, just baffles that we cannot come to some sort of census to have a civil conversation with someone who is NOT like us. Guess what America, that is what makes us great, that we are NOT like everyone else. Our differences bring us together, but at the same time it helps us learn about others.

Could you imagine if everyone in this country thought and behaved the same? That would be like Communist countries where free speech was not something you had the opportunity to indulge in. Instead of icing people out because they share opinions that differ from yours on a political scope, how about having a civil debate where you come to some sort of agreement.

You air out how you feel, they air out how they feel and then try to meet somewhere in the middle ground. Do not simply disregard what the other person is saying because you don’t like it. Now if a person is being rude, disrespectful and emitting hate that is a completely different issue. You do have people out there who are complete idiots then you cannot engage in such fodder, no matter how much you attempt to.

However, if our plan for the time leading up to the Presidential Election is to ignore and disregard the opposing side, this country is going to be a complete mess. Hate is not something we need right now, we need to bond. It is a sad day when you’re afraid to disclose your political party or talk politics in this country because of the reaction you might get from those who are NOT like you or agree with you. Time to grow up America, people are different and just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you cannot be civil.

Written By Jason Jones