HOLLYWOOD—Ever walked into a movie theater feeling excited for a newly released film and predicted just about how it would go? I sure have. After two years of spending time away from her acting career, Jenny from the Block has done it again. This time with the thriller “The Boy Next Door.”

In the movie, Jennifer Lopez portrays Claire Peterson, a mother who is midst a divorce with her husband, Garrett Peterson portrayed by John Corbett. A charming teenager named Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman) becomes the family’s new next door neighbor. Noah becomes a good friend of Claire’s son, Kevin Peterson (Ian Nelson), and often makes visits to Claire’s house and spends most evenings with the family for dinner. Noah develops strong feelings for Claire overtime and after the two share a night of romance together through Claire’s vulnerability, those feelings become an unhealthy obsession.

Eventually, Noah learns of Claire’s career as a teacher and becomes well focused on becoming a part of her class. He pretty much shows up anywhere and everywhere she happens to be in the film and goes too far with his motives in the process. This portrays his ominous stalking ability and short temper.

Throughout the film, laughs were kept at a minimum focusing on the films thrilling aspects. The title sure did keep its word as it was a very thrilling film that left the audience, including myself, in utter shock. In fact, when I turned to the audience for guidance on what their opinion of the film might have been, I noticed several attentive individuals that seemed to be well infatuated by the film.

Though the film isn’t Oscar worthy, it was quite a challenge trying to lose interest in it when each exhilarating incident came one after another.

The film incorporated several familiar faces including stars like Kristin Chenoweth, Hill Harper and Adam Hicks.