HOLLYWOOD—I really thought the writers at “The Young and the Restless” would drag this storyline or deliver some sort of shocking twist to audiences, but that is not the case. After a few weeks of waiting, we know who Jack Abbott’s real father is? No, it’s not John Abbott people, its Phillip Chancellor, or at least we’re made to think this. Yes, this came out of left field for me and I must say I never expected it.

This changes the dynamics for the Abbotts for a longtime coming. Why? Billy gets to hold his reigns at Jabot, Ashley is still at Newman, and dare I say Jack is about to take over at Chancellor? Yes, this is a whirlwind of a mess, but jeez, Dina has slept around people. I mean Traci, Ashley and Jack all have different fathers and before Dina’s return to Genoa City no one would have ever guessed it. Jack was desperate to get answers, and to be honest I have no clue why Cane was so adamant about preventing Jack the right to locate his father.

I mean Cane, Jill isn’t even your real-mother, and we all know your father is the con artists of con artists. So please explain to me why you have so much animosity against Jack? Oh, I know, someone who is actually an heir to Phillip Chancellor is about to get the opportunity to run his titan and take control away from both Jill and Cane. Jill and Cane will be a united front, but if what Dina confessed about that picture Jack found about Phillip actually being his father, we could see some long-tested friendships crash and burn in Genoa City America.

Let’s transition a bit to an interesting development: Sharon and Nick are engaged! I’ve said this a gazillion times: Sharon and Nick are soulmates. They have been together back and forth for years, but I’m hoping this time it really sticks. The only thing that can change this outcome is the return of Dylan and perhaps Chelsea, but even then I don’t see that happening. Of course, Phyllis, Nikki and Victor are not pleased with the news, but Victor has other worries at his hands. Why?

Someone is taunting Victoria and Victor by leaking confidential Newman Enterprises files, sending threatening messages and delivering loads of boxes to Victoria’s office. Victor is certain it’s J.T. and for a moment, I didn’t think so. However, with news that his credit card has been used, all signs point to the potential that J.T. may have escaped being buried alive and might want a bit of revenge. With Ashley’s intel, it seems J.T. could perhaps be back in the flesh. Victoria and Sharon seem to think so, but Phyllis and Nikki not so much. Be careful ladies, yes, we’ve been told J.T. is dead and gone, but this is a soap opera anything can happen, and I mean anything.

We have to talk about Summer, because what the hell happened to this girl. She left town only to return on a collision course of bad choices. I totally forgot she and Kyle were an item a long time ago, but that was in the midst of that crazy storyline where it was believed Jack Abbott might have been her father. Kyle seems to be warming up to the opportunity of rekindling things, but it seems Summer has her sights on Billy! This totally has me confused because Billy is with Phyllis, but it seems Summer is hell bent on teasing Billy to give into temptation. I mean she has already coerced him back into gambling and we all know how bad things got when Billy really was at his worst, imagine what could happen if these two take their relationship to the next level?

Phyllis would be livid and we could see a mother-daughter catfight for the ages America. We’ve been teased and teased and teased, but it’s no secret that Devon and Hilary are getting back together, but with a bundle of joy on the way, and Mishael Morgan on her way out, it looks like tragedy will strike the couple. Must say the tale of the hour that has me hooked is who is threatening Victor, Victoria and Newman Enterprises, people suspect J.T., some are expecting Adam Newman, but whoever it is has one helluva grudge or score they are looking to settle and it looks like Victor Newman may finally pay for his misdeeds in a way he never expected.