HOLLYWOOD—At long last, the truth has been revealed soap fans! Yep, this week Jack Abbott finally learned that his wife Phyllis has been secretly hooking up with his brother Billy on “The Young and the Restless.” Oh, it was worth every minute of this slow revelation that seems like it has been playing out for nearly a year. Phyllis cut things off with Billy leaving him reeling; just as she hoped attending marriage counseling with Jack would help keep up her ruse.

The fact that Colin of ALL PEOPLE would play a role in Jack discovering the truth is quite sickening. This guy just LIVES to blackmail people, because when Jack dumped a million in cash in his face Colin couldn’t resist himself. So Jack had to go to the horse’s mouth to get the truth, which was a bold move, but he was well aware Colin would not be able to resist the temptation of that ‘greenery’ sitting right in front of his face. While Colin did right by Jill for once, it definitely set the stage for chaos, as Ashley learned about Billy’s secret affair and spilled the beans to Jack, who became more observant than ever.

Seeing Jill tip-toe around the subject in front of Jack all week was just jarring. I mean she has known for weeks about Billy and Phyllis’ dalliance, yet she hasn’t spilled the beans to Jack. If she truly cared for him, she would have dropped that bomb as soon as she found out. What the hell is it about keeping secrets that has soap characters wanting to keep a lid on things?

If Jack hadn’t figured things out, Phyllis would have never spilled the beans. I mean Billy’s antagonistic attitude to his mother for calling him out on his morals by sleeping with his brother’s wife was beyond startling to say the least.

The other major headline in the world of Genoa City is the fact that Adam Newman is DEAD! Well, we all know Adam didn’t really die in that cabin fire, even though Chloe, Chelsea, Jack, Victor, Nick, Victoria and the rest of the town suspects. I mean c’mon people this is the soap world, no one is ever truly dead until you see the body.  With Justin Hartley vacating the role of Adam Newman for his newest gig on the NBC series “This is Us,” the powers that be at “Y&R” are looking for a replacement. Good luck on finding an actor to fill those shoes.

Victor is torn by what has transpired, as he should be as he allowed Chloe to outwit him and seek her vengeance on Adam in a way that he never expected. I wonder how Chelsea will respond when she learns her BFF who has been by her side as a constant shoulder to cry on, played a bigger role in sending Adam to prison and ultimately to his so called ‘death.’

This latest death has Dylan seething red as he suspects something sinister in the mix involving Adam’s untimely death. He’s certain that Victor needs to pay for his crimes, which has Sharon on pins and needles. Sharon your paranoia has always been your downfall and it’s certain that her wheels are in motion regarding the fact that Sully is not Dylan’s son. She’s having secret conversations with Mariah, and she’s also informing Stitch to get Dylan to pump the brakes on going after Victor.  What’s worse, she has no idea that the child is actually Sage and Adam’s.

Like I predicted, this bombshell is not likely to be unearthed until November sweeps. I’m more intrigued by learning how Nick will react to learning that Christian was NEVER his son to begin. Yeah, that can totally rock a person’s world if you ask me. Wedding woes aren’t just evident for Jack and Phyllis, but also Luca and Summer, Abby and Stitch and it also seems like every couple in GC. Tons of relationships are in major trouble on “The Young and the Restless” and it’s such a treat to watch!