HELLO AMERICA!—Having met, worked and known so many people, young and old who make their home in this so-called “magic” place called Hollywood, it is so gratifying to know someone who has created a certain balance in her life, she can easily live and accept the realities of it all. 

Jacquie Shane who is dynamic, talented singer who knows who she is. She knew when it was time to run off to England and gather those around her who were of the same independent mind.  They sang together, wrote music and performed at every opportunity to develop the necessary level of professionalism and seasoning any artist has to build, if they want to survive. 

Instead of asking her questions, I decided to allow Jacquie tell her own story, after all, it the way she has lived her life and career up to this point. Take note and you will see what I mean.  Ok, Jacquie, Lights…Camera, Sound and “Action…”

I must have been born with a “gypsy heart.” I’ve had a very “follow the yellow brick road” kind of life that has led me into some interesting adventures and people.  I got my start in art and music in Baltimore.  I formed a band named Sheer Khan with guitarist Mike Stacey and we wrote our own music (heavy rock with bluesy, artsy, jazzy moments) songs such as “From the Eyes of Kaa,” “Best Times,” “The Wind” and “November Child” I also began my life as an “accidental” artist enjoying some early success with shows at the Angelfall Gallery, Visionary Art Museum (art cars, etc.), Artscape and Johns Hopkins Spring Fair. 

A few years later I crossed the pond and spent some time in Bath England, where I wrote some music with Neil Taylor (Tears for Fears), played some high profile festivals (Glastonbury, Bristol Balloon Fiesta) and had showings of my visual art at 3 Mill Studios (London), Victoria Art Gallery (Bath), Womad Festival (art car, Bluebird Mini) and more. Also while I was in Bath I enjoyed bashing a ping pong ball with Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears) who finally took a game off me by stacking his odds with a bottle of Bacardi.

(I grew up playing table tennis [travelled a lot for tournaments] and was a ranked junior and women and won a National Intercollegiate Championship…..back in the 80s.)  Upon returning to America I participated in Baltimore’s “Fish Out of Water” commission sculpture project and installed a fish sculpture at the front door of City Hall (on 911). Then the “yellow brick road” called once again and I found my way out to LA where I  “accidentally” (I blame my dog, Henry, I was walking him when I was talked into signing up with Central Casting) got into acting….and in six months became SAG.

I tired of LA and the YBR (yellow brick road) led me to Sedona Arizona where I continued acting in some art film shorts, opened the Zen Cow Studio Gallery and then settled down, and married actor Chris Robinson on Easter 2011.

We live on a gorgeous sprawling ranch just outside Sedona, on the Oak Creek with our menagerie (a peacock, chickens, roosters, a turkey, dogs, cats and turtle).  We are very blessed. This doesn’t mean that we have lost our passion for films or even the theatre.  Both Chris and I believe that there should be a healthy, realistic balance in one’s life.  In that way, as artists we can easily interpret the truth of a character we’re creating or simply the realities of life itself. 

We don’t have to pretend, it’s all there because we’re living it day by day.  We fight and we make up, we cry and we laugh, we work together and discover how exciting and energizing it is to get your hands dirty! It’s very inspirational when watching someone you love quite deeply who is possibly experiencing pain or some kind of physical discomfort go out there and give it all he’s got.  Every day I get a better understand why my husband, Chris Robinson, is such a darn good actor. 

He gives it everything he’s got when committed to something.  He focuses easily, listens intently to every thing around him, as a result every move he makes or things he says has a magical dynamic of understand.  Being married to a guy like this has improved the way I see and understand things.

Believe me; I love painting, sculpture, molding clay into exotic figures.  It’s a thrill to see what you can do with your imagination, your hands and everything that goes into creating something. Representing your feelings, your emotions and that special connection with that deep seated id that centers in the human being that you are.  It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning and simply feel glad that you’re alive and like who you are as well.  Hey, that’s a HELLUVA take!