HOLLYWOOD HILLS—James Lambert Otis, 52, of Los Angeles, was charged in court on Friday, November 18  with vandalizing President-Elect Donald Trumps’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 26.

In a video posted on TMZ, Otis states that the act was part of his protest against Trump for his mistreatment of women.

“The point of the exercise was to take the star and…auction it off election day and then take that money and distribute it to the women who been sexually assaulted by Mr. Trump along with the George Washington republicans. The George Washington republicans [are those] who are against sexual assault,” said Otis.

Otis faces one felony count of vandalism with over $400 damage in case BA451849. He was arraigned in court on November 18. The suspect used a pick axe and sledgehammer to damage the star prosecutors noted. He removed a brass medallion from the middle of the star.

If convicted, the defendant could face up to three years in jail. His bail was recommended at $20,000. The case is still under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Station. Otis plead not guilty to one felony count of vandalism.