UNITED STATES—January has the reputation of being the month of new resolutions. The trend extends to hiring practices as well. For those who didn’t know this already, the first month is also one of the busiest in the career marketplaces. 

Many of us enter the new year feeling motivated to make a change. As a student, you will be thinking about your career development plan a few months ahead of your graduation. Before you set the wheels in motion, you should understand what January has in store for you. 

Let us look at what experts have to say about commencing your job search in January. 

Hiring Is a Priority in January 

There are several reasons why recruiting is a priority during this period. Most importantly, the new quarter often brings changes in budgeting plans. This might mean more budget to hire people alongside other forecasts and long-term goals that might require more team members. Companies and businesses might be looking to expand, leaving more room to bring in fresh talent. 

You Will Need to Prepare Ahead to Stand Out 

Although January might offer you an increase in opportunities, the chances are that a lot more people will be competing for the same positions. Even in a slow career market, it can be a challenge to become recognized by hiring managers. So, if you are planning to enter the job search arena in January, you should be prepared. 

As a graduate, you will first need to polish your resume. But it can be tough overtaking, especially if this is your first time applying for jobs. There are so many aspects to take care of, such as how to handle an application tracking process to get more interviews and land a job. Experts recommend that you get professional help from a reliable resume builder service such Skillhub.com to craft a winning application. 

This will ensure that your resume showcases your key skills and other qualifications that will make you an ideal candidate for the desired job. 

Look for Right References 

One of the most effective ways to get started with your graduate career is to receive great recommendations. While your application can have merit on its own, this extra step will make you stand out in the eyes of a hiring manager. 

As a student, you might not be establishing your network. But even if you find a few direct contacts at first, someone in your network might be able to lead you to other connections. Make sure you scour LinkedIn for references. If you find any, do not hesitate to reach out. There is nothing wrong with leveraging your personal or professional relationships to boost your application, as long as you are respectful and appreciative of other people’s efforts. 

Practice Your Patience 

While January may be an active month for hiring, the process is likely to be much drawn-out. Recruiters might be enthusiastic about opening positions, but they might have also installed new features such as an applicant tracking system or resume-scanning software. Similar to how you are trying to develop an outstanding resume, the recruiting team might also be working with the new policies. 

This translates to a delay in getting the recruitment off the ground. As such, do not consider that you have lost the position in case you do not receive any response immediately. Instead, pace yourself and follow up if you have not heard from the contact person in a while. 

Revamp Your Social Media 

As you are transitioning from being a college student to becoming a professional, one of the critical things to refresh is your social media profile. With many companies choosing to vet applicants’ online presence, you should not wait until you put in the resume for one to check your social profile. 

Make sure that there is nothing on the profile that you would not want your potential employer to see. It is a good idea to remove any photos, videos, re-shared posts, and statuses that fall into this category. Depending on the social network, you could control the public visibility of your content using privacy settings. 

New Roles Will Open Up 

As we mentioned earlier, companies might be looking to add more employers to areas they are just expanding to. They might want to welcome talents to launch new product lines or take a different approach to digital marketing or customer relationships. 

However, in some cases, the companies might not know exactly what the position will entail. Rather, they will be more focused on what goals they need to accomplish that year. 

Therefore, as a candidate, you must pay more attention to what the role requires. Find out If this position has just been created. If so, to acquire additional tips for a good resume, make sure to ask the recruiters what they are hoping to achieve. You might need to prepare differently for interviews with new roles, compared to the other well-established positions, or when you are replacing someone.

The Best Jobs Are Coming Soon 

Once companies formulate their objectives, they will know precisely what they are looking for. Sometimes, it takes a few rounds of interviews to even get the job description right. 

So, in case you do not receive a response, your patience might be well-deserving. As per the top recruiting firms, January continues to be among the best times to kickstart your job search. The hiring season will continue in full stride without being broken by any major holidays until summer. 

Moreover, as a student, when graduation gets nearer, you are likely to be swamped with academic responsibilities as well. Make sure that you mention you are looking to join as soon as you obtain your degree. 


Gearing up in January can be an excellent way to understand the job market. That does not mean all the best positions will open only this month. Make sure you stay patient with your goals, and you will find the best opportunity soon enough.