HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Chateau Harnare, a new Japanese restaurant opened its doors at its Hollywood Hills location. The restaurant is located at 8097 Selma Avenue, housed inside a previously unused bungalow on the iconic hotel Chateau Marmont.

Eater LA reports that the restaurant comes courtesy of Reika Alexander, a well-known NYC restaurateur. Alexander opened a restaurant called En Japanese Brasserie in NYC in 2004.

The menu features a variety of options including kobachi or “small bites,” a list of chef recommendations, sashimi, kaiseki or “tasting menus,” desserts and a cocktail list. The dinner menu includes freshly made tofu served with wari-joyu. Zuke or the “raw and marinated menu” features ebi, a raw spotted shrimp with yuzo-soymilk, foam and ikura, and seared salmon with garlic-sansho pepper sauce and kaiware.

The Kobachi list offers some small bites including edamame, oshinko house-made pickled vegetables and Ohitashi, organic veggies in a chilled rosemary-kobu broth. Some of the Chef’s recommendations include the uni ice cream with fresh sea urchin, and the daily special of chawan mushi steamed egg custard with seasonal truffles.

Chateau Hanare offers sashimi and a variety of soups. The kaiseki (tasting menus) offer vegan options to customers. Highlighted deserts range from soba tea brülée with buckwheat shortbread, to a chocolate tart with yamazaki whiskey ice cream. The cocktail menu offers a variety of drinks containing everything from sochu to mescal.

Roberta T. posted a review for Chataeau Hanare on Yelp saying, “The place is beautiful and I really felt like I was back in Kyoto! However, we had a weird experience – as in we just didn’t order correctly for our table. Hanare is most definitely Kaiseki style (multi-course Japanese tasting dinner) which our server told us plates are served for the table. Needless to say as the bite sized portions rolled out we felt underwhelmed by the palate teasers divided amongst three hungry men and a female! They would have been perfect for two diners or double up so one can have a few bites. Cocktails were delicious. The staff tries hard and is super friendly. I’d go back and order properly! Try the warm homemade tofu – loved it, especially if you’d had it in Japan!”

Chateau Hanare is open Sunday-Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and Friday-Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. For additional details and to view the menu visit https://www.hanarela.com/ or call (323) 963-5269.