HOLLYWOOD—Well, we’ve waited patiently since the news was announced that Steve Burton would be returning to the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Many speculated that he would be playing an entirely new character, but surprise he is not, he’s playing the original Jason Morgan and last week, the original gangster came face-to-face with his counterpart ‘Jason Morgan’ portrayed by Billy Miller.

It was an interesting dynamic to say the least because not much was discussed between the two considering the impending nature of the situation involving Sam who found herself drugged by Dr. Klein and tossed into the pier. Of course Patient 6 aka Jason Morgan rescued her and brought her back to Sonny’s place, where Carly was stunned by what she was looking at. Jason was livid and ordered Patient 6 to put his wife down immediately, as he attempted to grapple with why Sonny and Carly was so receptive to this stranger who claimed he was the real Jason Morgan.

Ok, so let me clear a few things up, the mother of Jason Morgan did not have 1 child, she had twins: Jason and Andrew. However, no one knew about Andrew expect for Betsy and Heather Webber. As a result, Andrew stayed with Betsy until Franco nearly killed the child who fell down a flight of stairs. Now this is where things get tricky in my opinion. Franco and Liz are aware that a twin exists, so why not just reveal the truth to everyone so the guessing game stops in its tracks. I mean Jesus already, Liz is the queen of keeping secrets and NONE of them ever end well for her. I mean she kept the truth about Jason when he first returned to town after being missing for nearly 3 years, she lied to Jason about the paternity of her child and she lied to Lucky about sleeping with his brother Nikolas.

Liz do the right thing for once and spill the truth; forget what Franco says, it’s only going to bite you in the butt later down the line, especially when the rest of the world learns you kept yet another secret impacting the lives of the people they care about. I mean Franco apparently got a document from Dr. Andre Montgomery clearing up the confusion, but the audience has yet to discover ‘who is who.’ This is quite frustrating for me to say the least. I mean I’m 100 percent certain that Patient 6 is Jason Morgan, but the writers are without a doubt crafting a maybe Patient 6 isn’t really Jason Morgan, but Andrew.

Would that be an interesting twist? Yes, but I wonder how they would explain the switch. I mean Jason falling into the Pier waters, losing his face, getting a new face that would be very twisted and not easy to explain where the audience would completely buy what we’re being sold. Out of all the people in Port Charles, Sam is the most receptive to the ‘man’ that she has come to know as Jason Morgan. I mean she married the guy, she has a child with the guy, and he is the only father Danny is aware of. That totally sucks for Patient 6, who never got to meet Danny, missed plenty of time with his son Jake and lost his wife to his twin brother he never knew existed. That is a tough pill to swallow, and no matter how things play out, people will be hurt to the core.

Billy Miller’s character only seems to have Sam strongly in his corner at the moment, as Sonny and Carly have sided heavily with Steve Burton’s character. Yes, a DNA test is in the works, but considering these guys are twins they share the same DNA, so it will not be as easy to decipher the truth America.

While the Jason drama is certain to be at the core of November sweeps drama, the bigger mystery at hour is how Valentin Cassadine plays into all this madness. We know he was in cahoots with the Russian clinic and we know Dr. Klein answers to Valentin. The question the audience has yet to discover is WHY Valentin was so enamored with keeping this ruse involving the twins under the lights. Nina is still questioning her hubby and when his involvement comes to light it will explode in ways viewers can never expect. Get ready for plenty of surprises “General Hospital” fanatics, November is upon us!