HOLLYWOOD—I didn’t expect the great Jason Morgan to crack so quickly on “General Hospital.” I mean he has kept the truth about his return to Port Charles from most people beyond Anna Devane who learned that he was working with the FBI and Jagger Cates to protect Carly Spencer from being sent to prison. Well, add another person to that list, Sam McCall. Yes, Sam knows that Jason came back to PC not for his sons, but to protect Carly.

Yes, that had to be a devastating blow for Sam to learn because you would think Jason wanted to see his sons, and I still suspect that, but we know it was not the focal point. Danny is bonding and showing a reckless side similar to his dad which is intriguing to see at the moment. I wanted to know WHAT THE FEDS had on Carly that could get her sent to prison. Are you ready for this? It was that meeting Carly had with the five crime families and she was recorded. Yeah, that is a weak revelation, I expected more and it was not something as a viewer I fully bought.

Carly is entangled in more of a mess than we expected. She went to see Jack Brennan in prison and tipped him off that the FBI and Anna might be onto his connection to Pikeman, Valentin and other things. Anna was not pleased that Carly was inserting herself in business that technically has plenty to do with her, but the more she gets involved the more dangerous it becomes. Hell, Carly even spied on a conversation between Jagger, Anna and Jason when she was to be out of the building.

Anna is utilizing Carly’s mishap to her advantage because it is allowing her to get closer to Valentin and woo him to get the information that she wants. I don’t know if Valentin is falling for Anna’s allure, or he is simply playing along. I like this little dance between the former lovers who might rekindle something after that debacle involving Anna shooting Charlotte.

This is all important because I think it’s proof of Drew’s growing animosity with his brother Jason. We haven’t actually seen those two interact yet, and that is something I would like to witness. Would Drew expose his brother’s secret to get back at him? I mean Drew always comes second to Jason, I’m certain he would love to be number one for once.  That conversation between Drew and Willow was quite eye-opening because it gave me the signal that a possible romance between these two could be in the future. I’m still not sure if the writers will go in that direction, but a shake-up of that degree I would be all for because it would be unexpected and shake lots of lives along the way.

Hell, Drew has a dark streak that is being explored. He hooked up with Nina on multiple occasions and no one has a clue that it happened. With that said, Nina is trying to bury the hatchet with Carly who is no longer interested in fighting with Nina. Nina on the other hand is starting a war with Ava. Yes, Nina is not pleased that Ava is making moves on Sonny and has not kept her in the loop of what is unfolding with Sonny and his meds.

Ava, you had a strong ally in Nina and now you have lost that, I don’t think you’ve made a wise choice in adding another enemy to your list and proving yet again, Ava Jerome will always look out for Ava before ANYONE else. I hate to say it, but I kind of want to see Ava face the music from her previous crimes. She has always gotten a slap on the wrist and that is a bit disappointing at this point for the soap opera.

There is a big wedding happening involving Chase and Brook Lynn but guess what America I don’t care. I wish these two would have eloped. There hasn’t been much drama to really bring the viewer into the mayhem. There is not a surprise pregnancy or something we didn’t expect to unfold. Yes, the ailment of Gregory heightens the importance of the couple tying the knot before his condition gets worse, but Gregory and Tracy becoming an item is more intriguing than Brook Lynn and Chase at the moment.