UNITED STATES—Neutral colors are in vogue. From your shades to heels – they are literally everywhere. Naturally, your jewelry collection should also suit the trend. It should reflect the ongoing trends and should be in sync with the latest style. Accessorizing yourself suitable for an e event takes effort, especially if you are into neutral outfits. 

Anyone who wants to stun her jewelry game with a neutral outfit should keep three words in mind: structure, volume, and color. With the combination of stunning shape, right volume, and vivid colors – you can nail the aesthetic of a neutral vibe. After being trapped in our own houses for more than a year, now is the time to show off your jewelry game – and own it. From layered chains to neon hoops, the color combinations with neutral outfits have no limits.

Although knowing the limitations, you will face while choosing jewelry for neutral outfits; we have shortlisted a few jewelry pieces that are sure to add a touch of magic to your already gorgeous outfit. Have a read.

  1. Layered Chains

Women can measure the desired lengths of their chain necklaces to measure how each of them sits over your outfit. Play around with textures and colors, explore different styles of chains, from the curb, flat, rope, chainlink, and more, design a look that contrasts nicely and gives a boost to your outfit. Certain combinations of necklaces will look more stunning with a plunging neckline, so carefully plan your look keeping the necklace styles in mind. The chain can also be in mixed materials, from metals, leather, enamel, etc. If you are a lover of natural stones, then we’ve got the perfect blue-violet stone for you. Tanzanite pendants, made from a rare, exceptional, and transformational stone, are famously known for their pleochroic nature, allowing them to reflect different colors at different angles. You can use the pendant on a daily basis as well, as they have several healing properties, which allows the wearer to remain calm even in challenging situations and gain a deep insight into their experiences. One can use the stone for personal protection and gain inspiration as well. 

  1. Gemstone Studs

Various neutral-toned outfits can look incredibly rich and refined for work, although a few tweaks and improvements can instantly bring the look to life. Such as by adding a pair of colorful jewel studs. The great thing about gemstones is that they offer a rich pigment that is translucent and blends smoothly into the outfit. For a lighter shade outfit, with a white shirt, cream pants, and a matching belt, we suggest a little break in the color palette by simply going for an essential pair of Shungite earrings. They’re dainty, subtle, and exquisite, which works like a charm to introduce another color to your outfit. While bright-colored studs are also a great option and easy-to-style with your look, Shungite comes with a few other benefits, such as natural healing qualities. You can use the earrings daily to have personal protection against electromagnetic fields, balance your chakras and improve your performance at work. While sitting close to your head, the stone can help expand your memory retention, increase focus, and encircle you with positive energies. 

  1. Statement Bracelet

Neutral colors don’t need to lack personality; in fact, your neutral outfit can become quite a head-turner piece with just a few adjustments and additions with a few jewelry pieces. An intelligent way to accessorize a classic, neutral palette is by adding pops of color and some sparkle, finished in a toned-down metal that enhances the pigment. If you prefer something that can last a lifetime without you losing interest, then we have the perfect recommendation – a bold statement bracelet. Accessories can be the ideal conversation-starters, including chunky diamond bands, heavy multicolored crystal pieces, combinations of metals, like silver, rose gold, and yellow gold, as seen with popular brands such as Marni and Chloe. Personalized bracelets with charms are also chic to add vibrance and effortless charm to a monochromatic outfit. You can also select a thick curb chain encrusted with diamonds or colored stones to add an instant splash of color and shine. Or layer with separate bracelets chains with different colors, metals, and styles to instantly create an over-the-top look.

  1. Enamel Rings

Enamel rings work like magic on neutral outfits for various reasons – they pack a punch of color, offer personality and spunk. While the decorative coating trend has been used for many years, the new collection of spiral rings with encrusted colored stones has commanded center-stage. The artistic pieces, in creative designs and pops-of-color, look fresh, cheerful, and extraordinary. Bea Bongiasca, an Italian designer, has been serving the best enamel jewelry to Hollywood’s best, which has covered most of our Instagram posts. Take a cue from Dua Lipa or Hailey Bieber and try pairing a set of three-four enamel rings with intriguing designs in candy colors and add a glimpse of summer to your outfits. If you want a structured fit, then we suggest going for geometrical shapes in bold sizes. You can even stick to one large enamel ring in a bold color like electric blue or coral red, which should be enough for the overall look.