HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Friday, June 19, Jimmy Kimmel announced that he would be taking a break from hosting his Emmy Award-winning show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for the summer.

This follows a June 17 report by Page Six which alleges that several TV networks have hired Edward Myers, a private investigator, to identify any racist comments made by celebrities whom they are affiliated with. Kimmel recently faced a surge of criticism when it was rediscovered that he had worn blackface in 2000 to impersonate NBA star Karl Malone during “The Man Show.”

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is a late-night talk show broadcast on ABC from the El Capitan Entertainment Centre. It is currently in its 18th season after 3,130 shows.

“Tonight is my last new show for the summer,” Kimmel stated during the last episode. “I’m taking the summer off to spend even more time with my family.” He has been filming the TV show from his home studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “There’s nothing wrong – my family is healthy, I’m healthy,” he added.

According to history.com, “the portrayal of blackface [is] when people darken their skin with shoe polish, greasepaint or burnt cork and paint on enlarged lips and other exaggerated features.” It is considered racist “because of blackface’s historic use to denigrate people of African descent.”

Kimmel has not publicly addressed his decision to wear blackface. ABC has not confirmed if it is one of the networks that has hired a private investigator.

Kimmel also noted that “while I’m gone, a cavalcade of very kind and capable people will be filling in for me.”