HOLLYWOOD—The hot button story on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” has been the return of Will Horton, however, there is an even bigger, juicier storyline in play. Trust me I will return to the shenanigans of Will Horton later on in this column people. However, we have to talk about that cliffhanger that is indeed going to turn Salem upside down in the coming weeks.

JJ who was on cloud nine after celebrating with his girlfriend and partner Lani, found themselves in a major pickle after tracking down a perk who was attempting to break into a warehouse. Unfortunately, JJ and Lani had no idea that perk was Theo, who was working on the lowdown with Kate to discover the culprit milking DiMera Enterprises. JJ, who is a bit of a hothead and acts without thinking, shot at the culprit, who he suspected had a weapon, but that was not the case. When JJ realized that it was Theo, his world was rocked as was Lani’s after witnessing her brother clinging for life.

JJ has done some reckless things in the past, but this shooting might have far reaching consequences one can’t imagine. Abe has already lost Lexi, so if Theo dies, who know where his psyche will go. A battle is indeed brewing between the Carver clan and the Horton clan, and Jennifer’s son is in major hot water. Not just by the town of Salem, but by his boss Hope Brady. This is just the beginning of the story America, because Kate is consumed with grief knowing she played a major role in Theo attempting to locate the culprit who is conspiring against DiMera Enterprises.

Kate was certain it was Andre, as was Chad, but when Andre adamantly acknowledged it was not him, Abigail believed him, as did Kate and Chad. I have to admit I’m intrigued by this storyline because as Chad pointed out whoever is after DiMera Enterprises has a personal grudge against the family. So the question of the hour remains: who is the culprit? I’m certain we will find out in due time people. Theo’s shooting also puts his relationship with Claire in a bind. It’s no secret there is trouble in paradise and with Tripp leaving with Claire and Theo things have only been complicated more. Why? Tripp has feelings for Claire, and even if she wanted to act on those feelings his condition will leave her with major guilt people.

Now, as I promised we have to return to the big tale of the hour: Will Horton is indeed alive, and he finally came face-to-face with Sonny and Sami this week. So what’s the big problem? For starters, Paul knew about Will’s whereabouts and kept it a secret for quite some time, leaving Sonny floored by his lover. Making the situation worse, was when Sonny and Sami confronted Will with tears of joy, he was flabbergasted. Why? He has no memory of them, which plays perfectly into Susan Banks plan. She wanted to kill Will because of Sami’s role in her son EJ’s demise. While she was not able to do that, she was able to bring Will back to life and apparently he has been brainwashed to believe that he is Susan’s son EJ DiMera, and Sami is his wife! Ok, this is indeed kooky, but considering we’re talking about Susan it is not that far of a stretch America.

News of Will’s resurrection is spreading throughout Salem, but considering he doesn’t recall his past life, puts the young Horton and his family in a tricky situation. That brings me to that trailer that the soap released via social media last week and man do things look interesting! For starters, it looks like Sam is going to recreate Will’s MURDER to jump start his memory courtesy of Ben Weston. That is sick and downright twisted. Audiences also learn that trouble is in paradise for Rafe and Hope, which leads to a steamy hookup between couple alert: Rafe and Sami. I always thought these two should be together, so to see them back together is music to my ears.

Oh, and that teaser also revealed the return of Hope’s daughter Ciara, Salem villainess Vivian and the introduction of “General Hospital” alum Tyler Christopher to Salem. Oh, and was that Kristen DiMera in that red dress? The video doesn’t give 100 percent confirmation, but I’m certain that wasn’t Susan donning such a seductive dress. If “Days of Our Lives” keeps up with this level of drama and twisted storytelling the soap will indeed be a favorite amongst fans for the coming months!