SAN JOSE—Some may wonder how NHL players spend their offseason. San Francisco News discovered how San Jose Sharks Captain Joe Pavelski spent his time off, along with his routine for getting back into the groove of hockey, what this year’s rookies will contribute to the team, and his favorite things about the Bay Area.

San Francisco News: Can you describe any highlights of your offseason and might you have any traditions? Perhaps with family?

Pavelski: One fun trip I have taken the past couple summers is playing in the Tahoe [golf] tournament, American Century, Alaska. It’s a fun trip. I love the game of golf so I like to get in there, play a little bit of it in a tournament setting like that, being around the atmosphere that’s there. That’s a highlight, but the biggest one is always heading back to the lake home, getting around family again and just being around a little more. For us, we spend the summer in Madison. I played a couple years in college there so we’ve got a good group of guys that we train with. It’s fun to get back there, see them, and just enjoy the summer, get some energy back, train, chill out a little bit.

SFN: At the end of the summer, how do you get back into the groove of hockey?

Pavelski: A lot of gym time, at the start of the summer, spending some time on the lake. At the end of July into August, you start to skate a little more. You can feel camp is coming. The later the summer goes, the more you start skating. The last week or two you try to put in as much time on the ice to make sure your legs are ready for a day like today.

SFN: There are obviously a good amount of rookies this year, first timers. Have any of them come to you for advice? If yes, what have you told them, and if not, what would you?

Pavelski: It’s day one. We’ve spent a bit of time on faceoffs out there. There are very few questions since you’re always trying to figure out how to be a little bit better. The way we were last year, we can definitely be better in that area. So, we talk a little bit there, but everyone is pretty excited for today. As camp gets going, there are more questions. We’ll figure it out.

SFN: Since San Francisco News is a Bay Area based publication, our readers would probably like to know, what is your favorite thing about being in San Jose or even the Bay Area as a whole?

Pavelski: Oh man, there’s so much to love about it. The area, first off, I think the people are really good, it’s really nice here. That kind of atmosphere is nice to come back to, the weather [also]. But, you know, you’ve got Tahoe, you’ve got Napa. It’s just great to have an area where in a couple hours you can do a lot of different things. For me, I’d have to say the golf courses are one of the highlights.

Random fact: Pavelski’s favorite type of wine is Pinot Noir.