CALIFORNIA—Joe Rogan, former host of “Fear Factor” and a color commentator for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events, has decided to move to Texas from Southern California.

The 53-year old New Jersey native, who has been a stand-up comedian since the late 1980s, has also spent the last decade doing a daily podcast aptly named “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which also airs on YouTube.

He brings on a myriad of guests, where they discuss everything from mixed-martial arts, politics, UFOs, their love of recreational drug use, shooting guns and much more.

With his move to the Southwest, so goes his podcast, as well.

According to his official Instagram page, he showed off his new digs to his millions of fans on August 8, “Texas JRE studio set up has begun!”

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Texas JRE studio set up has begun!

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The timeline of Rogan’s ever-growing affinity for the Lone Star State seemed to have started earlier this year:

During a January 9 podcast, where he talked about how much he loves Texas, he said he loves how nice the people are there and that they actually have their own tigers.

During a podcast, five months later, he began pondering a move to Texas, because of what he feels are restrictive rules placed on the population by California politicians, due to coronavirus. He also mentioned the high taxes he pays.

Less than six weeks later, he declared he’s moving for good, addressing the issue of overpopulation, and how living in a city with a high number of people is unsustainable to deal with such a pandemic.

Finally, on his August 5 podcast, he explained how “there is a mass exodus out of California right now,” after voicing his displeasure with the way the government has been handling its response to the pandemic.

Of the locations in Texas he’s considered, Austin, Houston and Dallas were mentioned most, when the topic was brought up, but he hasn’t officially given away where his new location will be.