HOLLYWOOD—Well finally, “Days of Our Lives” have given the great Drake Hogestyn aka John Black a storyline that has fans seeking their teeth into. For months, the mystery surrounding John’s biological parentage has been teased, but this past week everything came to a head as viewers came face-to-face with Yo Ling (Tobin Bell). I must say Bell is a perfect fit in this role; he portrays a character that is freakishly scary and unpredictable.

To make matters even worse, John’s father has entangled quite a few Salemites into this chaos. For months, many speculated that Stefano DiMera was responsible for the kidnapping of Bo Brady (I was one of those individuals), but it was Yo Ling who was pulling the strings. Just when John suspected his dear ole dad couldn’t get more vindictive, he kidnapped his grandson, Paul as leverage.

So Hope killed an innocent man, and caused Andre DiMera to be locked up behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Guilt is certain to eat away at one of Salem’s top detectives. I mean she is dealing with chaos, amongst the revelation from her daughter Ciara that she was raped by her stepson Chase.

Yes, I expected Hope to fire multiple bullets into the teen similar to what she did to Stefano. Instead she lashed out, and gave the kid a verbal tongue lashing. I’d say it’s safe to say that Chase Jennings might not be around too much longer in the town of Salem, because who is willing to take the teen in?

If the situation wasn’t dire, Eduardo took a bullet to protect his son Rafe, and Arianna and Marlena found themselves being used as leverage. Viewers are now alert that Deimos, Victor’s wickedly evil brother had been working alongside John’s father to get that formula Bo sacred his life for in order to save Yo Ling’s life. Yep, he wanted that ‘cure’ that Caroline was given to prevent his health from deteriorating any further. Well, things don’t always go as planned, so he wants his son’s blood as a cure.

Deimos came onto the scene as a devious fiend, not only is his grudge against Victor beyond brotherly love, he’s using his nephew Phillip as a pawn in this bloodbath. Phillip is in over his head and should prepare himself for an epic downfall in the very near future. Speaking of the Hernandez clan, looks like Rafe’s little bro Dario is headed to Salem to pay a visit to his family and come face-to-face with his father Eduardo.

While family might be on the brain, he arrived in Salem to check-in on Summer who is quite the suspicious character to say the least. First, I was all in with the idea of her being Maggie’s long-lost daughter, but my gut is now telling me there is much more to this sordid woman’s tale than she has disclosed.

Theresa is already suspicious of the mentally fractured character who has latched on to Brady; he loves to be a hero and looks like Summer might cause a rift between ‘Braresa’ (yep I just coined that super couple name). At first I thought Brady and Nicole would reignite, but it looks like Nicole might find herself getting over Daniel by bonding with Dario. Sparks are flying people.

Perhaps, the biggest bombshell is the news that Ben Weston has escaped the mental hospital. Any guesses as to where he is headed? This news did not bode well for Chad who was not happy that his wife, Abigail could mentally fracture upon hearing the news, which is precisely what transpired. She lashed out at both JJ and Chad from keeping the news from her, as she planned her wedding.

The big moment arrived and outside the window she spotted her former fiancé and unleashed a scream that left everyone floored. Yep, I don’t think Abigail was hallucinating; I think Ben was there in the flesh and its apparent his escape is causing many to question her sanity. Fans of “Days of Our Lives” are well aware that Kate Mansi is exiting the role in the coming weeks, and a casting call has been put out for a replacement. So it looks like Abigail might be visiting the psych ward until a new face can assume the role. “Days of Our Lives” looks to be gearing up things for May sweeps which are right around the corner.