HOLLYWOOD —Where will you be on Sunday night? The Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood says, “You should be here at the Silent Movie Theatre, watching TV with us on the BIG screen —and you can guess what channel we’ll have on. We’re having a fundraiser here that night —for the Cinefamily.”

It’s a bring your own vittles and libations evening with the stars. You can be one of the stars. The grill out back will be on, they promise, and they are already asking that you send your very own family cocktail recipes-named after one of this year’s Best Picture nominees. They will be picking their favorite choices from your selections and the winners will get a free pass for a month to view some of the forgotten gems of classic Hollywood’s silent era. When the Oscar-show is over, a viewing of the incredible 1976 documentary “TVTV Goes to the Oscars.”

No reason to get caught in traffic near the Oscar awards ceremony or the big post-parties. Hang out with a great bunch of people who enjoy Hollywood history and also help a good cause. The management at Cinefamily are having a hard time working on developing cocktails for the evening named after each of the Best Picture nominees, so give them some help!

“Precious,” “An Education,” “District 9” and “A Serious Man” have left them stumped and thirsty, so they ask that you submit your recipe for a cocktail that will bear one of these four names and be served at their Awards night Gala. Winners will be chosen based on drink appearance, cleverness of description, ease of preparation and it’s tastiness. Each of the four winners (one of each film in the contest) will receive two free passes good for the Awards night Gala or any general admission screening.

E-mail your recipes to Jordan@cinefamily.org with Award Night Drink Contest in the e-mail subject line, and your full phone number included in the body of the e-mail. The deadline is at Midnight on Saturday March 6. Note, the Cinefamily reserves the right to substitute ingredients or modify recipes.

To purchase tickets for Sunday night’s event, go to Cinefamily Awards-Watching Party + Fundraiser.

The Cinefamily Silent Theatre is at 611 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.