MALIBU—A manager at a Malibu Chipotle restaurant is suing the company for defamation after being fired for what he argues is a false sexual harassment claim.

Juan Poor filed the lawsuit on Friday, November 17. In the suit, he accuses the company of defamation, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress. The suit also names the general manager of the Chipotle location, Scotty Shadix, as a defendant.

According to the complaint, Poor met with Shadix on October 3 at the restaurant, where Shadix handed him his check and reportedly said “here’s your check, you’re not working for the company anymore.”

According to reports, Shadix explained that a sexual harassment complaint had been filed against him. When Poor asked Shadix who the accuser was, Shadix responded “we cannot give you any more details or information at this time.”

Poor took the company to court over the incident, claiming the accusation was false and defamatory. He is currently pressing for unspecified damages. He later asked the manager and another Chipotle manager for letters of recommendation for future employers. They both provided glowing recommendations for the man.

According to the complaint, one letter indicated that Poor had been working at Chipotle for over 10 years, at the Woodland Hills location and Malibu location both as an assistant and a general manager, and had a “stellar work record” under his belt. The suit quotes one of the letters, stating that Poor “had an incredible work ethic and worked massive hours, was always available and was completely responsible.”