WEST HOLLYWOOD—Toby Sheldon, a 35-year-old Justin Bieber look-alike, was found dead in a San Fernando Valley Motel 6 on August 21, three days after he was reported missing August 18.

Sheldon, whose legal name is Tobias Strebel, was last seen around 5:30 a.m. on August 17 in the 1700 block of North Orange Grove in LA.

Sheldon’s recent break up with his boyfriend could have been the trigger behind his disappearance, says the Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations office.

The LA Times reported that he was found dead in the 15700 block of Roscoe Boulevard in North Hills. He died at around 5 p.m., says the LA Coroner’s Office, but cause of death has not yet been determined.

It is unclear how Sheldon died, TMZ reported that drugs were found in his motel room. The LAPD has not officially released any additional information revolving around Sheldon’s death.

“I am beyond devastated to have heard the news about Tobias. Tobias was a kind, caring, and gentle soul that was dedicated and passionate to his music and career,” said Sheldon’s spokesperson to Mirror Celebs.

In Sheldon’s quest to emulate Justin Bieber, he made headlines by dishing out $100,000 in plastic surgery, which he revealed during his appearance on E!’s “Botched.”

Along with a hair transplant, lip surgery and chin reduction, Sheldon tried to capture Bieber’s “swag” and star-like quality through music as well. “The gift of writing music is not something you can learn. You can have to have that inner creativity. You have to have something to say. You have to be lyrically gifted,” Sheldon said on a 2014 episode of “Botched.” “You have to know what’s catchy. It’s just something I’ve come to master.”

Toby Sheldon also appeared on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.”