HELLO AMERICA!—It took some very quick moves to catch up with Hollywood’s newest golden boy, Justin Hartley! During his 2-year turn on the CBS soap, “The Young and the Restless,” he received thousands of tweets every day from fans stemming from every corner of the nation.  They loved his portrayal of character ‘Adam Newman.’

His leaving the CBS soap was a major decision for Hartley because of the universal support he was receiving.  However, he has always been forced to make career moves based on his fan popularity.  In 2002-2006, his role as Fox Crane on NBC’s “Passions” and later from his appear as ‘Oliver Queen’ on The CW hit “Smallville” (2006-2011) kept a rush in unbelievable offers.

When asking Justin why he accepted his newest role in NBC’s newest nighttime series “This is Us,” he didn’t hesitate to say, “It was another great learning opportunity for me.  I want to experience all types of challenges.  I’ve been lucky in every way possible by being lucky enough to work with some of the best actors in the business.  I look at this time as if I’m in a Master’s class as an actor.  I want to be the best that I can be and that takes time, experience and taking on projects which might challenge every aspect of my artistry.”

The actor’s gratitude for time spent on “Y&R” continues to be unending. “That show proved to be family building for me.  All those guys were close and helpful, they are a bunch of really, genuine beautiful people in every way possible.  The other actors made it easy for me because they loved and respected what they themselves were doing and contributing on the show.  My fan-based expanded because they allowed me to do in developing and building my character.  It was obvious we enjoyed working with each other, respected each other; I will always be grateful for the time I was allowed to grow and learn on that show.”

Admittedly the actor has been extremely lucky in receiving opportunity in Hollywood so far.  However, Justin is a realist.  He wants to experience even more in the film industry. “I’d like to take on even bigger challenges as an actor in films when the opportunity comes along.  Sure it feels good being in the spotlight in a positive way right now but there is always tomorrow and the day after. I’ve got to keep searching, looking and yes, learning as much as I can to be the best that I can be to continue receiving acceptance. Hey! I’m a realist!”

Yes, he’s excited about new show “This is Us,” but he also accepts that it is only another step in building a career which might give him the artistic stability he must have.  This is when the name Justin Hartley will have legitimate meaning.