MALIBU—A car plunged off a Malibu cliff on November 22. All three passengers suffered critical injuries.

California Highway Patrol Southern Division Officer Edgar Figueroa told Canyon News, “We received a call about a traffic collision of a vehicle going over the side on Kanan Dume Road, a mile south of Cavaleri road. CHP officers arrived on the scene and they noticed the vehicle was approximately 450 feet over to the side.”

In contrast to other reports, which stated that the passengers “crawled free” from the wreckage, Officer Figueroa said that the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Los Angeles County Search and Rescue teams responded to help extricate the passengers and the driver from the vehicle.

He added, “They were airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition and the destroyed vehicle is still at the scene.”

The whole operation took nearly two hours.

Kanan Dume Road is legally classified as a major highway, and its zigzagging roads have proven it to be a dangerous highway.

Last October 14, the passengers of a car traveling north on Kanan Dume Road were airlifted to the hospital when their car, too, plunged more than 50 feet into the canyon.

Other recent incidents include a severe three-car collision, which occurred this past April and an accident involving a collision with a stormdrain, which severely injured three people, in May 2013.