WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Kardashian’s women’s boutique store DASH in West Hollywood was burglarized on Monday, January 9, the same day that French authorities arrested suspects in relation to Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department confirmed to the press that deputies were called to investigate a theft at the Melrose Avenue store. The suspect has been identified as a woman. She stole between $1,400 and $1,600 worth of clothing and perfume and took off in a silver sedan. The suspect was caught on camera and did not use force. Law enforcement officials are still searching and no arrests have been made yet.

This incident transpired on the same day that French police identified and arrested 17 suspects in connection to Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery in October where they stole millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry, cash, and a $4 million diamond ring. One of the suspects have been identified to be Gary Madar, Kardashian’s Paris chauffeur. According to E! News, authorities indicated that Madar was the driver on the night of the robbery.

Owned and operated by Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim Kardashian, the DASH retail store in West Hollywood has been the scene of a crime once before. In June 2016, there was an attempted arsonist who threw a lit object through the window. No major property damage was reported.