HOLLYWOOD—It was teased last week on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but this week the audience got confirmation that something is seriously wrong with Katie Logan. Why? She hadn’t felt well lately, and it wasn’t her heart that was giving her problems, it was her lower back. You know what that means: possible kidney issues. Katie was ambivalent to Bill’s warnings that something might be wrong with her, so when he insisted a visit to the doctor, Katie attempted to stand on her feet before collapsing.

I’ve always thought Bill and Katie belonged together, and to see them reunited has sent me over the moon. However, it looks like the lovebirds might be facing the strongest battle to date. Bill was an emotional wreck as he waited on word from the doctor’s about Katie’s condition, just as Brooke and Ridge discussed Katie’s past and her current strength in the midst of receiving Storm’s heart.

All the signs were pointing in the direction that one of Katie’s organs was failing; the audience just didn’t have an idea of what. Bill professed his undying love to the mother of his child, just as Brooke, Ridge and Donna sat by Katie’s side hoping for the best. Hmm, it seems that after that major fight with Flo and Shauna, a redemption arc is in the works for Flo to make an amends for the baby stealing saga. Is it predictable? Without a doubt, but it might be the move that Flo needs to make to be forgiven for the sins of her past.

Flo doesn’t seem that convinced that she can repair her relationship with her newly found family, as her focus seems solely on Wyatt. Wyatt has been dancing around the issue of a possible reconciliation with Flo, but he knows in his heart his family would not approve of the move. I mean how would he justify getting back with Flo to Hope, Liam and Steffy? Yeah, that would not be an easy sell to say the least.

Quinn and Shauna are busy conspiring to try to get Flo and Wyatt back together. Quinn was skeptical about allowing Shauna back into her orbit because of how her actions have impacted the Logan, Spencer and Forrester families. However, Shauna has been busy doing the most, and not in the best way. I mean she was busy staring into the eyes of Ridge, who has been doing everything in his power to prevent Brooke from discovering the truth.

Too bad for Quinn, Shauna and Flo that they are unaware that Wyatt not only professed his love to Sally, but got down on one knee and asked Sally to marry him. It was quite apparent that Sally was super apprehensive about considering Wyatt’s proposal, however, she accepted. Bad news for Flo as Sally and Wyatt consummated their relationship yet again. Shauna and Flo were holding hope that the fact that Wyatt and Sally haven’t had sex, but that all changed this week.

It was fun to see Sally gloat for once to Flo’s face. I mean Flo swooped in and took Wyatt from underneath Sally’s wing without any remorse. I mean Sally told a white lie, while Flo’s lie was gargantuan. Flo was speechless to learn that Wyatt and Sally is engaged, as was Quinn who was not happy with Wyatt who spilled the news. Why do I sense a major twist headed our way where Sally will lose out yet again? As a viewer it sucks, but I can absolutely see it happening.