HOLLYWOOD—Fans of the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” have patiently waited for the moment that the truth about the affair between Bill and Brooke became public, and cue the fireworks. After weeks of keeping such a secret, Liam was the first to learn about his father and Brooke’s dalliance and he was none too pleased to say the least.

It led to him confronting his father who urged his son to respect his brother Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage. So much for looking up to an idol, because Liam finally made the moves on Steffy disregarding how his brother Wyatt might feel about the pressure that is being put on his wife to make a choice. Apologies for the digression, Liam confronted Brooke and made it clear if she didn’t divulge the dirty details to her sister that he would.

That led to Katie spiraling out of control after overhearing Bill have a conversation with Brooke and lying about it. She was livid, Bill was on the defense and it led Katie to sneaking a drink. Before you know it, Katie was breaking down in front of Liam thinking her psyche had indeed slipped.

Brooke rushed to Liam’s home to confess what Katie had suspected for weeks. Yep, her suspicions had been confirmed and she was not happy. Heather Tom should be listed people as a contender for that 2017 Daytime Emmy for Lead Actress because the acting caliber she delivered last week and this week was simply stunning.

If Brooke thinks she has any chance of reconciliation she might want to think again, cause it certainly looks like Katie is done and I mean DONE. To make matters worse, she confronted Bill about his transgressions and he denied his involvement as much as possible. Hey Bill, it takes two to tangle and you were willing to tangle with your wife’s sister, so prepare to suffer the consequences.

Bill was livid when he learned that Liam betrayed him, so much to the point that he lashed out at his prodigal son, which actually had Liam scared for a moment. Hmm, could Bill be ready to cut-off his eldest son out of spite? I certainly see it happening. Bill Spencer is indeed playing dirty people. How? Well he has taken Will away from Katie, and this was something I expected. Bill knows Katie’s drinking is out of control, and it will be no problem for Bill to convince a judge that Will is in danger if Katie is allowed to have custody of her son.

This will provide some hiccups because I can see Liam, Brooke, Caroline and even Ridge fighting to ensure that Katie gets custody of her son. Katie was vengeful in the past, so this time around I expect her to deliver a whopper of a punch to her husband by going after his company and everything that he has. There is nothing worse than a woman scorned, and in this case, Katie hasn’t been scorned once, but twice, so hell will indeed break loose on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

I’m still stunned Katie didn’t slap Brooke; she controlled her anger, but once the world learns what Brooke has done yet again, I can see Ridge coming to her rescue. Why? Well it’s apparent that Caroline and Thomas are getting closer, and it’s only a matter of time before those two hook-up yet again, delivering another betrayal to Ridge. I mean we all know Brooke and Ridge belong together. They are destined to be lovers, like so many soap greats. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is proving that if you play with fire there will indeed be consequences.