UNITED STATES—Drupal is one of the best existing CMS for website development. Except for the cases when you need some highly-specialized solutions, many developers recommend this CMS to clients. In this review, we want to talk about the latest release of Drupal. Read about the system’s innovations below.

Key Innovations in Drupal 9

One of the important advantages of this CMS is that a user who does not understand coding can independently configure many settings, including a structure and templates for different types of materials. However, some innovations still require specific knowledge, which means that expert Drupal web development services are relevant for many customers. In particular, we are talking about the below innovations.

1)     Templating

Drupal 9 has made it much easier to develop templates for displaying different types of pages. Now you don’t need to know the PHP programming language for this. Templates can be formed in simple HTML code. Further, they are supplemented by some commands of the special Twig 2.x language.

2)     Extensions

Extensions (modules) are various tools that make up the functionality of a system. Such add-ons are created by third-party or system developers. The CMS supports a huge variety of modules. Most of them are already installed in the box. It remains only to decide what to do with them – enable and use, or remove.

3)     Integration

In the 9.0.0 release, data exchange has become easier. Now there is a tool that allows you to get data from the site from Drupal via API. You don’t even need to connect to databases or write your own module for exchange. You can use Drupal as a headless CMS.

4)     Pictures

In the ninth edition, it becomes possible to store a certain image size for a specific device resolution. So, you upload a 1200×1600 picture and then specify for what screen resolution it corresponds. For this purpose, make use of the Responsive Image module.

In Conclusion

If you are creating a small corporate page or blog, you are free to choose any of the available solutions that will cope with the task easily. However, for creating a corporate website or an online store, CMS Drupal 9 is the best choice. It is also convenient for a project that combines many functions. For example, you need to sell your products and services, display your portfolio or training materials, share information on a blog, etc. If the project involves a large number of pages, Drupal 9 is your surefire way to success.