UNITED STATES—From day to day, marketers, analysts, and designers study user behavior to make digital products more efficient. With the accumulated data and technologies for analyzing site users, it seems we should already know which trends can be used. However, the number of trends does not decrease at all. What visual trends appeal better to the users in 2021? Let’s find out.

Popular Web Design Trends in 2021

Modern web designers and developers like those on beetroot.co need to know all the market trends to anticipate the wishes of their clients. We have collected five innovative web design trends that will be relevant in the nearest future.

1.    Responsive Design

The volume of mobile traffic is increasing every year. In many countries, it has already exceeded the volume of traditional desktop traffic. The influence of the mobile-first index continues to grow: companies pay more attention to the mobile version of their sites. In 2021, web design will focus on creating thumb-friendly sites. This means that web designers need to arrange important navigation elements in a way that will be convenient for mobile users to reach with their thumbs.

2.    Scalable Vector Graphics

This web design trend is aimed at mobile users too. Both attractive multimedia content (video or GIF-files) and static PNG images significantly slow down page loading on a mobile device. The SVG format has a relatively small size and is easily scalable, so the graphics do not lose the quality even on high-resolution screens. It also allows you to make 2D animations that load quickly without slowing down the loading of the entire page.

3.    Color Gradients, Bright Colors, and Simplicity

Gradients and bright colors remain relevant in 2021. These techniques are actively used in all types of web design – especially for interface, branding, and illustration. Many brands are already using them and will continue to do so to stand out from the crowd and refresh the site. As for the simplicity, the trend for ultra-minimalistic design will be relevant: a very limited color palette, simple shapes, and as much negative space as possible. It helps you separate different parts of the page and prioritize them. The monochrome design is also gaining popularity: dark themes simplified to the use of one dominant color will be in demand as well.

4.    Massive Fonts

Recently, more and more brands included massive heavy fonts in their projects, which can not only complement images but also replace them as the main element. Sans-serif fonts are preferred. If you want to attract the attention of the audience, feel free to replace traditional fonts with noticeable, bold, and massive ones.

However, while trying to be original, the main thing is not to forget about the key characteristics of the font, i.e., readability and ease of perception. Fonts should be interesting and unusual, but if the content becomes visually less readable, then you have only spoiled it.

5.    Gamification and Storytelling

Gamification is the process of adding game elements to non-game products and services. It helps stimulate the user behavior on a site. For example, filling out a profile, increasing page views, adding a review, etc. – all these can be implemented in the form of a game to create leads and increase brand awareness. If you give users an opportunity and motivation to participate in content creation, then it can solve several problems at once:

  • Involvement of the audience.
  • Promotion: with a sufficient number of participants, users will begin to promote your product since they will see their contribution.
  • The relevance of the content: it will be interesting because your audience creates it or has a significant impact on its formation.

Storytelling is another trick in design that helps users to interact with the site as easily as possible and understand the product. For this purpose, brands usually use cartoon characters and create a certain conflict that is ultimately resolved by the product.

In Conclusion

It is believed that web design trends provide an opportunity to show awareness and commitment to good taste. If such feelings appeal to you and relate to your site, then you should pay attention to the 2021 fashion trends in web design. The competition of brands has led to the fact that people have become more demanding because there is always a choice, so they will never buy the service on the site that they don’t like. All this makes the job of web designers increasingly difficult, but interesting at the same time.