King Tides Coming To Malibu

MALIBU—King Tides, arriving several times annually, offer the most extreme tidal conditions of the year.

Brought on during the new moon, when the gravitational pull between the sun an moon is at its peak, this phenomenon not only results in enormous tidal shifts, but dangerously large waves for surfers and swimmers.

The final king tide of 2014, came to Malibu between December 21 and 23, causing little damage, but did rise high enough to bury numerous docks in ocean water. The first of 2015 will come to Malibu on January 19 for beach goers.

The tides have been known to wash up marine life on the shores. While seeing a beached sea lion or seal is considered normal, anyone that encounters a beached dolphin or whale is urged to contact the California Wildlife Center’s Marine Mammal Response team at (310) 458-WILD.

Beach visitors are asked to pay attention to changing tidal conditions, as they are subject to rapid change.