UNITED STATES—Arizona Republican Senator elect, Martha McSally conceded to Democratic Kysten Sinema in the contested race for U.S. Senator in the state of California, after Senator Jeff Flake chose to not run for re-election. Sinema is the first woman to hold the seat of Senator in the state of Arizona.

McSally held the majority of the vote with 51 percent to Sinema’s 45 percent. A recount saw Sinema’s numbers rise to over 38,000 votes on Monday, November 12.

McSally tweeted: “Congrats to Kysten Sinema. I wish her success, I’m grateful to all those who supported me in this journey, McSally continued, I am inspired by Arizonans’ spirit and our state’s best days are ahead of us.”

Sinema tweeted: “As long as I have served Arizona, I’ve worked to help others see our common humanity & find common ground. That’s the same approach I’ll take to representing our great state in the Senate, where I’ll be an independent voice for all Arizonans. Thank you Arizona. Let’s get to work.”