HOLLYWOOD—So it has happened; Audra Charles has gotten her claws into the guy she first pinpointed when she arrived in Genoa City on “The Young and the Restless.” Kyle’s marriage to Summer was hanging by a thread, after it was exposed Summer knew Phyllis was alive and kept it secret for weeks causing further heartache for Diane. Look, I already said this and I will say it again, Diane Jenkins is not a saint people. I swear it seems like Jake, Kyle, Billy and Michael have forgotten that Diane faked her death all those years back and caused plenty of heartache for her immediate family and placed targets on the backs of Nikki Newman and Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis simply took a page out of Diane’s playbook and she is suddenly the Devil incarnate. Yes, what Phyllis did was wrong, but she immediately realized within days of seeing Daniel and Summer fall to pieces that her plan was a massive mistake.  Hell, she was forced to take out Jeremy Stark in self-defense and has been hiding since, but now has Michael planning to act as her lawyer in her defense. Side note: Phyllis you really need to stop roaming around GC, because you will be easily spotted.

Back to Kyle and Audra, after some drinks and dancing, things got hot, heavy and steamy between Kyle and Audra and he committed the deed people. This news is about to break Summer’s heart, as her world is literally crumbling around her. First, Phyllis, second, her legal situation and now her marriage; I don’t think Summer is going to be able to handle Kyle’s betrayal.

Jack already suspected his son was up to no good, when he spotted him leaving the GC Athletic Club while he dined with Diane. Kyle tried to play it off, but Jack was aware his son was up t no good. Jack telling Kyle to fight for his marriage is one thing, but when your mother who was betrayed by Summer tells you to fight for your marriage that says something. Audra is just so smug, which makes her character so unlikeable. She is smiling, almost gloating in Summer’s face that she slept with her husband, but Summer has no idea. Michael picked up on her energy and it looks like Summer will soon as well.

Here’s the thing Audra is forgetting. You work for a company heralded by Victor Newman, you slept with his granddaughter’s husband, and Summer’s dad happens to be Nick who already suspects Nate and Audra; this is going to be explosive. Audra you REALLY do not want to be on the bad side of Nick Newman, but you REALLY REALLY do not want to be on the bad side of Victor Newman. That man is wicked to the core when it comes to punishing people who cross him. His family pays dearly, strangers pay even worse.

All the signs are there, but Victoria are refusing to see it, even though Nikki and Nick have pointed out Nate is up to no good. I just cannot wait to see this ruse exposed and how the Newman clan responds and what happens when Nate and Audra are exposed. I’m starting to think a murder mystery could be in play and that would be quite fun to say the least America. Kyle is already smitten by Audra and is giving her flowers and diamonds. Kyle please open your eyes; this woman is a user and just wants to get into your pockets.

Courtney Hope delivered some exceptional acting in that scene where she broke down to Nick and aired all her grievances. It gave me chills watching people. Adam is still dealing with the loss of his daughter and slightly spiraling, using Sharon as a soundboard, even though Nick is against it. Yes, Sharon has endured something wicked courtesy of Cameron Kirsten who has left his tech company to her. Hmm, I wonder if this is a good thing or Cameron working from beyond the grave to continue to punish Sharon and those close to her.

The war for the Abbott family, Jack and Ashley in particular continues to boil over and Ashley is planning to overthrow Jack as CEO of the company after his appointment of Diane to a key position. Even one that Billy is not on board with. Look, do I think Diane has changed? Possibly, however, what would be a killer move is if it was revealed that both Diane and Tucker are still aligned and played their respective lovers to get their hands on the Jabot company! That would leave both Jack and Ashley dumbfounded and it would be a power move that I would actually love to see the fallout from people. Definitely major tension building here on “The Young and the Restless” that will explode in the coming weeks.