LOS ANGELES—Urth Caffe, just one of many of Los Angeles’ fine dining experiences brings something unique to the plate. With an array of delicious organic, healthy food, ranging from vegan to carnivorous options, this budding little gem is sure to please everyone.

The first time I stepped foot in one, I was immediately hooked. I ordered the chilli and Urth tostada (which is huge, by the way). Not too filling, but nothing short of delicious, the restaurant pleases the palette as well as the eyes.

Upon walking in, you may think you’ve walked into a whimsical wonderland. The eclectic, earthy vibe relaxing and the intoxicating smells of the fresh-baked good beckons everyone to come and try the tasty menu options. Overall it basically feels like a paradise for foodies.

Urth Caffe, founded by Shallom Berkman and his wife Jilla in 1989, started off as a mail order organic coffee business. Becoming known as what makes it so special today, the small startup, turned booming business was opened in 1994 and is now frequented by celebrities and locals alike, including Ashley Tisdale, Rumer Willis, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba, to name a few.

Soon moving on to a 350-square foot shop in Manhattan Beach, selling exotic coffee beans, their customers begged for more. Eventually their small shop, serving low-acid coffees was well-received. With the help of the local community, family and friends as well as profits from sales, Urth Caffe was born, setting up shop for the first time in a West Hollywood neighborhood in 1994.

The distinct locations of Urth Caffe offers a different vibe at each locale, from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica and now a new Laguna Beach location, set alongside Pacific Coast Highway, in a cozy newly restored bungalow.

Urth Cafee, which the couple claims to be the first organic roaster cafe in the United States, is an upbeat place to come and relax and socialize after a day at the gym or if you’d just like something difference, other than you’re usual corner coffee spot.

The award-winning shop serves more than just coffee, tea and croissants. With choices like grilled cilantro chicken with pesto, nori plum rice wraps, matcha green tea tirimisu, this dining experience is nothing short of ordinary. The Berkman’s attention to detail is what makes this coffeehouse so special and the coffee unbeatable.

If you’re in the mood for something off the beaten path and nourishing for the mind, body and spirit, Urth Cafee has it all. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go anywhere else.