CALIFORNIA — The L.A. County Department of Public Health reported 1,414 news cases of coronavirus on June 19. On Friday, June 12, the number was 1,633.

During the week, the department reported record numbers of new cases in the county. On Wednesday, June 17, the department reported 2,129 new cases — the highest number since last Thursday’s (June 11) 1,857 new cases. The number, however, includes 600 cases from a backlog of test results.

The department reported on Wednesday, June 17, that all 315 skilled nursing facilities in LA County were able to test their residents and staff. Long Beach and Pasadena, who have their own health departments, were not included in the numbers. 

Over 30,000 of those tests have become available. 6 percent tested positive for COVID-19 and 78 percent of the people testing positive were asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.

The department also said that there has been a decrease in skilled nursing facilities. The 25-26 daily death average from early May became 16-17 in early June, according to the department. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on June 18 a statewide order requiring the use of face masks in public.

The county’s department of public health has been requiring the use of face masks in public since May 13. Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said individuals who are not worried about becoming infected have raised questions on why the use of face coverings is important. 

“We ask you to cover your mouth and nose to protect others, especially since you can be infected with COVID-19 and have no illness symptoms,” Ferrer said in the June 19 press release.

“And even if you tested negative, that negative test only tells you your status the day you were tested. You could become infected the very next day and unknowingly pass on COVID-19 to others.”

The department also stated that the county has managed to retain “adequate hospital capacity, including capacity in intensive care units and having an adequate numbers of ventilators.”