LOS ANGELES—On Tuesday May 26, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that full-time employees would be subject to pay cuts up to 35%. The organization plans to implement a tiered system that will begin June 1 in hopes to avoid future furloughs and layoffs.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Dodgers have been paying their non-playing, full-time employees without generating its usual revenue. According to the new system, any employee making over $75,000 a year will be subject to a pay cut. Those with an annual income under $75,000 will not be affected.

“Over the last several weeks, we have considered every way to better withstand the challenges presented by the virus,” the Dodgers wrote in a statement. “Today – while we remain very hopeful that there will be a 2020 season – we are implementing a number of measures to reduce our costs. We remain ready to play as soon as that becomes feasible.”

The Dodgers have also announced a financial assistance package totaling $1.3 million for game-day workers. With assistance, each worker would receive a one-time payment $350, $600, or $750 depending on service time. A Dodgers spokesman recently declined to disclose just how much money the organization will save with the cuts.