BOSTON, MA—When it comes to the rivalry between Los Angeles and Boston, the Kings and Bruins of the NHL may not have the same sizzle and allurement as the Lakers and Celtics of the NBA. However, it is still always a competitive game and encompasses the battle of East vs. West.

The Los Angeles Kings visited the Boston Bruins on Tuesday and embarrassed them in the TD Garden with a 9-2 rout.

Let me repeat that. Nine goals for the Kings and two goals for the Bruins. It was the Bruins largest defeat since March 3, 2008 when they lost to the Washington Capitals 10 – 2. And it was the Kings largest victory since they beat the Chicago Blackhawks on January 1, 2008 by Tuesday’s score.

The Kings finished with an astounding 57 shots to the Bruins 37 shots.

“I feel like we got absolutely embarrassed,” said the Bruins captain Zdeno Chara in an interview with The Boston Globe. “Obviously they played a really good game, but we were nowhere near the game we needed to play. It was embarrassing.”

Los Angeles was firing on all cylinders as they saw all 9 goals come from 9 different players. Jeff Karter started the scoring for the Kings with a goal at the 18:21 mark of the 1st period tying the game 1 – 1. Dustin Brown capped off the offensive juggernaut of a night with the ninth goal at the 16:57 mark of the 3rd period.

The game was especially special for Kings forward Milan Lucic, as it was his first game back to Boston since he had been traded to Los Angeles in June 2015. He had a memorable performance in front of his old fans with 1 goal and 2 assists.

When asked about the performance by the Los Angeles Times he responded: “You’re here to win a game. You win by one, you win by seven. Doesn’t matter, a win’s a win. So if it was 3-2 you’re still happy about the win. So I guess you can’t feel too bad. You come in here and, like I said, trying to get those bragging rights and have it over your former teammates. It was a full team effort from the net out and I was glad to get that win.”

The Kings continue their seven game road trip with a bout against the New York Islanders on Thursday at 4:00 p.m.