CALIFORNIA — The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has announced the ending of relaxed enforcement of parking regulations on July 6, as announced in a Friday, June 26 press release.

The move to decrease enforcement of parking regulations was announced on March 16, and since been extended twice to, “help Angelenos comply with public health recommendations to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus,” as the LADOT said in a statement.

The deadline for payment on existing parking tickets has also been extended to July 6 with the LADOT writing, “residents are encouraged to pay any existing fines if they are able, there will be no increase in fines for failure to pay until July 6.”

The relaxed enforcement ending July 6 only applies to some regulations, while others are kept in place to ensure emergency services and essential services in Los Angeles operate efficiently.

Relaxed enforcement will apply to residential street sweeping, expired vehicle registration, tickets amidst peak rush hour, and gridlock zone parking restrictions. No tickets or towing for abandoned vehicles, oversized vehicles, and overnight parking.

Enforcement will continue for metered parking, time limits for preferential parking for those without a valid hangtag, posted time limit zones in residential and commercial areas, and all posted temporary no-parking signs. Blocking of emergency access, parking in colored curb zones, and parking restrictions for city-owned lots will also still be enforced.

LADOT will also issue a temporary print at home parking permit for those in preferential parking areas who will not be able to receive a new tangible hangtag before their current tag expires.

LADOT ended the statement saying, “LADOT continues to adjust operations to assist residents and businesses comply with physical distancing requirements and limit the spread of COVID-19.”