LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Police Department is warning LADWP customers about a phone scam taking place to collect payment or there service will be shut off.

The LAPD is stressing that “LADWP employees will never ask for personal payment information over the telephone. They will never ask you to purchase pre-paid cash cards from a convenience store to pay your utility bill.” It is important to remember that “payment by telephone can only happen through the Department’s voice automated payment system, not with live employees.”

Patrick Findley, Security Services Director for LADWP indicated that the agency’s representations will not make a verbal demand. “We don’t do that, you’ve got plenty of notification. If your bill is behind, you’re going to get plenty of warnings, plenty of written notices from DWP,” said Findley.

The LAPD is asking anyone who receives such a call asking for a cash card, credit card, person-to-person cash payment, or any personal information that they hang up immediately and contact the Los Angeles Police Department. Those worried about or who have questions about their account from the LADWP should call 1-800-DIAL-DWP or check online at ladwp.com.