LOS ANGELESBeginning in 2017, a new professional football team will enter the fold of the Los Angeles sports scene.

Before boasting it’s own NFL franchise, Los Angeles will claim its second MLS team, that is currently known as the Los Angeles Football Club.

On October 30, the club opened its new website, revealing a star-studded ownership group that consists of prolific names such as Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm, Nomar Garciaparra, Tony Robbins, Chad Hurley, and Allen Shapiro.

The group, consisting of 22 different owners, has promised to build the club it’s own stadium in the greater Los Angeles area.

Though the LAFC will be in direct competition with the four-time MLS champion Los Angeles Galaxy, the team’s website expresses a desire to capitalize on the city’s untapped diversity and rich soccer culture.

The LAFC, along with another expansion team in Atlanta, will begin MLS competition in 2017, making them the 21st and 22nd teams to join the league.