HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Emergency responders from the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) rescued a 23 year-old female hiker in Runyon Canyon Park on Saturday, October 31st, after a report of excessive heat exposure.

LAFD air and ground divisions rushed on scene at 4:14 P.M., according to LAFD spokesman Brian Humphrey, and found the hiker on a remote trail of the park’s southern side near 2000 N. Fuller Ave. 

Emergency paramedics hoisted the woman onto an LAFD helicopter and promptly transported her to a local hospital, Humphrey stated. 

The woman was reported to be in fair condition. 

A spokesman from the LAFD community Twitter page ‘LAFD Talk’ , in dialogue with denizens concerning the incident, stressed the need for city-dwellers to practice safe hiking procedures in order to prevent such events from occurring again in the future. 

“Please know there are a multitude of genuinely unforeseeable and sometimes quite serious medical issues – at times life changing, that hikers can and do encounter, even in an urban park like Runyon Canyon,” the spokesman tweeted.

 “We do our best in working with LACityParks, LAParkRangers and others to help people hike safely, yet there are often situations, not always foreseeable by those who hike la, that leads them to call 911,” the spokesman continued.

[LAFD] averages a hiker rescue at Runyon Canyon Park every 26 days.” 

A video capturing the rescue from Twitter user Jake Rohn can be seen here.