UNITED STATES—The Los Angeles Lakers want more than just one title. The team has already swung a deal for NBA Sixth Man of the Year runner-up Dennis Schroeder earlier this week. The team apparently is not done as there are rumors that the Lakers are interested in Chicago Bulls star shooting guard Zach Lavine. 

Even though Lavine has not played in an All-Star game, the 25-year old is a seasoned veteran that is coming off a career-season for the Bulls. If the Lakers can swing this deal, L.A. could be primed to plow through the Western Conference once again. 

The Trade

According to recent reports, the Lakers would trade Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope via sign and trade, Alex Caruso, and Quinn Cook. This would send the sports betting California region into an absolute frenzy on the Lakers repeating. The team would add a shooting guard that averaged 25.0 points per game and shot 38% from three point range. 

Losing Kuzma would be a tough hit as he was primarily the team’s sixth man off the bench after not panning out as the team’s third offensive option. KCP was the team’s third option and their best threat shooting outside, but Lavine is clearly on another level. Caruso made his way into the starting lineup, while Cook played sparingly. Having Lavine, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James as the team’s “Big 3” would be a lethal threat to stop. 

Boston Celtics “Big 3” Comparisons

This would have so many similarities to the Boston Celtics “Big 3” that ran in the late 2000s. Paul Pierce was the face of the Celtics, which is essentially LeBron even though he doesn’t have the length of time with the franchise like “The Truth” did. Kevin Garnett and Anthony Davis are two different players, but both serve similar roles. If Lavine came to town, he would be the Ray Allen sharpshooter that could be the lethal threat from outside that this team desperately needs. 

That group made back-to-back NBA Finals appearances, winning one title in 2008 and then falling to the Kobe Bryant/Pau Gasol Lakers in 2009. At LeBron’s age, he could still produce at a high level, but he would have options to facilitate too. 

The Appeal For Chicago

For starters, this deal won’t happen unless KCP signs a deal. He would be a good piece for the team on the outside even though he wouldn’t produce 25-points a night like Lavine. However, the combination of Kuzma and KCP has to be intriguing because it would give the Bulls three outside shooters, along with Otto Porter Jr. for the 2020-2021 season. That would allow Laurie Markkennan and Wendell Carter Jr. to play more inside. 

A true hope for the Bulls would be that KCP would sign a one-year deal. Then, Porter and KCP would be off the books for the 2021 offseason. Kuzma makes around $3.5 million, so his salary would not be a problem. The Bulls are hopeful they can be contenders for Giannis Antetokounmpo and taking on a $15 million salary after this season is not in their plans.