LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors in stunning fashion, winning 97-117 on Friday, November 4.

Los Angeles had a youthful energy about them in the win, managing to hold a potent Warriors’ offense to under 100 points for the first time this season. The Lakers were visibly excited in the game, and on several occasions could be spotted chanting the phrase, ‘I love basketball!’

Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton described the electric atmosphere after the game.

“They’re in there laughing, having fun and that’s the way you should feel like when you put that much effort into something,” said Walton. “That’s why it’s so much fun at the end of the day, because it wasn’t easy and guys are dead tired in there. It feels better because they’re the best, but as far as development it was good to see the progress continuing.”

Forward Julius Randle was dominant for the Lakers, scoring 20 points and grabbing 14 rebounds in the win. D’Angelo Russell scored 17 points for Los Angeles, while veteran guard Lou Williams added 20 points and 4 assists off of the bench.

The Warriors were unable to find an offensive rhythm in the loss, making just 5 of 32 three-point attempts. Stephen Curry missed all 10 of his three-point shots, ending his streak of 157 straight games with a made three-point field goal. Despite his poor shooting performance, Curry remained positive after the game.

“You don’t like the feeling at all,” Curry said. “But you’ve got to wrap your head around where you’re at in the season, and the good we have shown early in the year, but also focus on the things we need to work on. Regardless of a game like last night or tonight, we still have some things we need to work on.”

Kevin Durant led all scorers with 27 points, Curry scored 13 points while adding 8 rebounds and 11 assists in the loss.

The Lakers are now 3-3 on the season and will face the Phoenix suns in their next game on Sunday, November 5.