HOLLYWOOD—The Los Angeles Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday, September 17 that an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department violated the department’s policy when he fatally shot a suspected transient man in a locker room in Hollywood in 2018.

Initially Police Chief Michel Moore of the LAPD determined that the shots fired by officers were justified. Both the Commission and Chief Moore discovered that officers on the scene should have de-escalated the situation and called for backup when attempting to handcuff the suspect. According to Moore, he would further consider disciplinary actions following the Board of Commissioner’s vote.

The incident transpired at a 24 Hour Fitness Gym located on the 6300 block of Sunset Boulevard around 9:00 a.m. on October 29, 2018. The incident occurred after employees called the police to report a possible battery suspect at the facility. Allegedly, the suspect,  Albert Ramon Dorsey, 30, assaulted one of the gym’s security officers on October 28, 2018. He was accused of trespassing inside the men’s showers which were blocked off for repairs according to the Gym’s management.

According to bodycam footage officers attempted to get Dorsey out of the shower, who repeatedly ignored their requests. When Dorsey resisted arrest, officers deployed tasers to subdue him. Footage obtained from officer body cameras fail to show the incident in its entirety. During the struggle when Dorsey was shot by police, cameras were knocked off and fell to the floor. The footage shows Dorsey wearing only a towel when officers arrived to the scene.

Both officers on the scene sustained injuries to the head and face and were treated at a hospital. Dorsey was declared dead at the scene.