MELROSE—The Los Angeles Police Department added an additional line of security and community outreach to The Grove on Monday, June 13. In a partnership with Caruso Affiliated, the private real estate company that owns The Grove shopping area, the LAPD announced the opening of the first fully staffed Japanese inspired koban.

The Koban originated in Japan in the 1870s and is also known as a police box. It will function as a smaller police substation, where people can file reports, alert officers to an emergency, and engage with officers. The focus is on creating a closer relationship between the communities they are located in and the local police force.

Deputy Chief Beatrice Girmala said at the unveiling event on Monday, “Make no mistake about it: even though they may have stickers and little giveaways in there, these officers are fully trained in every aspect of policing and rapid response.”

The opening of the Koban further demonstrates the LAPD’s commitment to enhancing its community-based policing.

When searching for a location, the LAPD wanted the Koban to be in an area that would allow police officers to have direct impact and the ability to interact with a large amount of citizens and visitor foot traffic every day, according to a press release from the LAPD. Because of their strong partnership with Caruso Affiliated and The Grove, the LAPD chose the site of the Koban to be at The Park.

Rick J. Caruso, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Caruso Affiliated made the following statement: “For years I have supported community-based policing initiatives and am delighted the Los Angeles Police Department has chosen The Grove as its first-ever fully staffed location to create a permanent ‘koban’ to interface with Angelenos. We have enjoyed a strong relationship and support from the LAPD for years and know that by having a strong police presence at The Grove crime in the greater area around our property has dropped by 40%. So not only is this good for us and the residents and businesses around The Grove, it is a great way to put a personal “face” on our city’s finest with a meaningful way to educate and interact with the public.”