HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Body-camera footage published by Los Angeles Police Department depicts police officers shooting a 40 millimeter-projectile against a protester in the groin during the protest that occurred at the Hollywood division on June 2. The footage was published on YouTube on September 18.

On September 18, Stacy Spell, Captain of LAPD explained that the video was posted for the public to have a better understanding of what has been done by the police during the protest. They are still conducting investigations, which require “interview multiple witnesses, the numerous hours of video footage and analyze a significant amount of forensic evidence.”

On June 11, the Los Angeles Times reported the victim as Ben Montemayor, a 28-year-old filmmaker. He was at Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Avenue when he got a shot around 2:40 p.m. A rubber bullet fired by a LAPD officer, and sent to an emergency room with serious injuries which made his testicles swell to twice the size.

Spell explained that the shot was intended to give pain to the man, and while it may make bruising, it is “non penetrating by distributing energy over a broad surface area.”

Investigators with the LAPD tried to contact Montemayor, but the victim did not provide the police with any account, according to Captain Spell.