LOS ANGELES— The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, announced earlier this week that he has directed the LAPD to limit its use of rubber bullets while dealing with protesters.

A number of injuries have already been reported since the use of rubber bullets began, including one officer who suffered a fractured skull.

“I think that we’ve seen less of any of those tactics and I hope that we can see the most minimal if not zero of those tactics,” Mayor Garcetti said. He continued, “Those tactics will sometimes be out there, but it is my direction to minimize those and if we can, to not use those [tactics] at all especially if there’s peaceful protesters.”

The Mayor has also recently defended LAPD Chief Michel Moore following his comments placing part of the blame of an unarmed man, George Floyd, on looters. After hearing hundreds of speakers call for Moore’s resignation, Garcetti said he was glad Chief Moore has since corrected his remarks.

“I’m glad he quickly corrected it, and I’m glad that he further apologized, as well. I want to be very, very clear about that. If I believed for a moment that the chief believed that in his heart, he would no longer be our chief of police. I can’t say that any stronger.”

Garcetti would later go on to speak about our national leadership, and how we need to see improvement to bring us back to a calm place.

“The political pyromania of this moment that we see coming out of Washington right now,” he said, “It’s not only not bringing us together, it is fanning the fuel of this fire.”