LOS ANGELES—The 26 member, self contained cargo ship, known as the Benjamin Franklin, docked at the Port of Los Angeles on December 26, 2015. Known as the world’s largest cargo ship in the world, the Benjamin Franklin is set to leave on December 30 and will arrive at Oakland on December 31, according to the Port of Los Angelesv Media Relations Director, Phillip Stanfield.

Stanfield also informed Canyon News that the ship carries various amounts of cargo all over the world, including furniture, auto parts, electronics, apparel and shoes.

According to Compton Herald, Congresswoman Janice Hahn released the following statement regarding the ship’s arrival at the Port of Los Angeles:

“Today is a day to celebrate. With the arrival of the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, the Port of Los Angeles has proven that it is prepared to handle the next phase in global trade. This represents our port’s ability to welcome the next generation of ships that will each contribute more to the economy and create more jobs nationwide, all while emitting [fewer] pollutants than the ships that came before them.

Not any port can handle a ship of this magnitude. The arrival of this mega ship is the result of decades of hard work at the Port of Los Angeles. From dredging the channel to greater depths, to building on-dock rail, to training world-class longshore labor, the Port of Los Angels  has been preparing to handle the ships of the future. Mega ships like the Benjamin Franklin are not only bigger, they are better than the ships that came before them with better energy efficiency and lower emissions. Today we are proud of what our port has accomplished — proving yet again that it truly is America’s Port.”

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin specs.
The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin specs.

The massive cargo ship, which is a UK flag vessel, according to spokesperson, Blair Hennessy of CMA CGM, spans 1,300 feet long and 177 feet wide, is longer than the Empire State Building, taller than an NFL football field and is tall as a 20-floor building, according to the CMA CGM. Hennessy also states to Canyon News that the ship does not dock anywhere, but instead, continues to travel around the world, based on assigned service rotations.

In addition to the 26 crew members housed inside the ship, it can also carry up to 18,000 containers. The Benjamin Franklin contains dining operations, a swimming pool and a waste recycling system and produces as much energy as 900 Ford Focus vehicles, according to the shipping line.